Sri Sathya Sai Adarsha Grama, a project that aims to develop an “Ideal Village”, has been flagged off by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on 15th August 2015 at Thirnahalli village in the vicinity of Muddenahalli. As Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, India does indeed live in her villages. In order to improve the quality of lives in villages, Swami had initiated the Grama Seva project in 2003, with the aim of improving the standard of living of the villagers by providing them with basic necessities of clean drinking water, free healthcare and education. The Grama Seva projects focus on the Educational, Medical and Infrastructural needs of villages and also provide a platform for the youth of the nation to serve their motherland.

The concept of an Ideal Village is one that has been conceived of by many a visionary but has, so far, not been successfully implemented. Swami, in His infinite compassion and love, declared that He would demonstrate the functioning of an Ideal Village for the whole of Mankind to witness and replicate. The concept of an Ideal Village is not relevant to India alone, but to the entire world. An Ideal Village focuses on a way of living that beautifully balances the materialistic and spiritual needs of any human being and provides a holy environment to further spiritual realization.

Guiding the project, Swami stressed the need for those who have been blessed to live in comfort, to share the burden of their fellow beings. He stated that it is very difficult to focus on spiritual development when one’s physical needs are not met. On the other hand, it is impossible to further one’s spiritual development without serving the needy. Selfless Service, born out of Selfless Love, leads to salvation. Thus, to further this cause of balancing material and spiritual development, youth living in nearby areas should serve these villages for uplifting themselves and the villagers.

Elaborating on the concept of an Ideal Village, Swami explained that an ideal village must be self-sufficient in the following areas:

  1.       Vidya (Education)
  2.       Vaidya (Health Care)
  3.       Vaari (Water)
  4.       Vidyuth (Electricity)

Further, Swami stated that it is not sufficient to ensure that the materialistic needs of the Village are met.  It is of utmost importance that the Village is spiritually oriented and it is this spirituality that forms the basis of day-to-day living. Such a village will then truly emulate Swami’s words of wisdom, “Be in the world, and let the world not be in you”.

Swami is always with us and will never forget us – Dr. Geza Sebastian

At the beginning of this year my wife Gisela and I felt very strongly the inner call in our hearts to visit Swami in Muddenahalli. Immediately after that call, we booked our flights and came there in February 2015.

Sai Baba – The Living presence – Father Charles Ogada

When I was told, in 2014, that Sai Baba was manifesting in the Subtle Body in the hallowed hills of Muddenahalli, I went to experience for myself the truth. During an interview, I knew spontaneously that He was the same Living Presence that had always been with me since my early childhood.

Inspiring incidents with Bhagawan’s subtle form – Sri. Madan Gupta

Our experience with Swami in the Subtle Form began on Maha Shivaratri (the night of the darkest New Moon of the year, dedicated to Lord Shiva) in February 2012, during our visit to Prasanthi Nilayam. At 2:00 a.m. in the morning, an old lady approached my wife inside the South Indian canteen. After some small talk, the lady told my wife that she had a message from Swami that we should visit Muddenahalli and then, she promptly disappeared, having clarified that she didn’t need anything from the canteen.

In the company of compassionate Lord Sai – Sri. S.Thiagarajan

Our earliest interaction with Swami’s Subtle Form was in January 2012. A friend had a vision in which Swami asked him to convey a personal message to us. Subsequently, our friend shared that he had been having visitations from Swami in His Subtle Form for many years, even when Swami was in the physical body – sometimes being asked to pass on messages from Swami to individuals.