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He finds His people!

In fact I have found each one of you who was lost and brought you here. I travelled from home to home, country to country only to find you and bring you to me.

Your mistake is My opportunity!

See, when I make a mistake it’s an opportunity for you, similarly when you make a mistake it’s an opportunity for Me! Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity!

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 15, 2017

With sacrifice comes prosperity. Through sacrifice alone one can become immortal, and only such will be remembered. Hanuman, Jatayu, the small squirrel, a bear, Ahalya, the Kewat, have all become immortal as they were associated with Rama or His Nama.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2017 (Evening)

Without worrying about anything else in your lives, simply take a step towards God. Always remember, the one who serves God, and dedicates his or her life to God, becomes His responsibility. If you take this path of selflessness, in order to be of some service to several other children who need this hand of help, I will look after you in every single aspect, to the extent that I will ensure that even your past does not come in the way of your future.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2017 (Morning)

When you give love, you get love, as that love will be returned. In any kind of relationship, you should learn to love selflessly. The most sacred relation, after God and devotee, is that of a mother and child. Love, sacrifice and tolerance are the values one should learn from the mother. Apart from mother’s love, develop love for God.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 13, 2017 (Evening)

Only the one who is ready to loose oneself, can attain God. The one who has ego can never attain God.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 13, 2017 (Morning)

Man aspires for bliss. But, people try to attain this bliss in many ways, and ultimately they are drowned in sorrow, misery and depression. Divine bliss is not available in this world, nor can you ask anyone. It it not something you can go to a market and purchase with money. This divine bliss is available only with God and no one else. That is why God is referred to as the embodiment of divine bliss.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 12, 2017

When the mind is on the body, it will feel the emotions of the body. But when this mind is on God, where is the question of the body feeling? This is how Yogis have been able to meditate for hundreds of years, because their mind was absorbed in God.”

What is God’s worth?

Of course, every one wants to share the merits of others, but no one is willing to share their sins. God alone shares the sins

What is the relationship between education and society? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 07, 2017

The society helps educate you and after having got the education, you serve the society. Thus, when we serve each other, it will become possible to establish peace in society.

Easwaramma Day Celebrations & Commencement of Construction – Sri Sathya Sai Sarla Memorial Hospital, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli, May 06 2017

General Hospital which will be constructed in two phases and would cater to the health needs of all sections of society without any bias and absolutely free of charge. Women and child care will be given primary importance. The hospital is designed in the form of the Swastik which represents auspiciousness, health and well-being. There would also be a state-of-art Blood Bank constructed that would cater to the needs of blood and its products for not just the neighboring towns but also to the surrounding five districts.

Why aren’t men and women equal? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 06, 2017

People are talking about the equality of men and women, But that’s not possible. Women are not equal to men. They are better and higher than men.

Who would share our sins?

Of course, every one wants to share the merits of others, but no one is willing to share their sins. God alone shares the sins

Service is the way to find fulfillment in life – Divine Discourse Summary – May 04, 2017

My mission will always continue because of the power of selfless love. If you participate in this mission, you will find fulfilment in your lives.

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 30, 2017

The scriptures proclaim that if one is blessed with these three things it is due to grace of God: a human birth, desire for realisation and the guidance of a great master. If you get these three things, it is considered as a rare boon by God’s grace.

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 29, 2017 (Evening)

“Devotion is what holds us in all our journeys. You are all enabling devotion in these little ones. Devotion gives us strength, and it is Love for God, resulting in strength from God. We need strength, and that strength will take us forward. From Bhakti to Shakthi to Mukti, like Swami says.”