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Divine Visit – Rome – April 23, 2017 

As Swami entered the hall, Bhajans were in progress, and over 400 devotees had gathered to welcome and revel in the love of their beloved Lord. It is phenomenal to see the way Swami interacts with each person, revealing, advising, enquiring as He takes every step, and walks forward. Surely, with each passing day of this phenomenal subtle phase of the Avatar, one can only agree with conviction that nothing has changed, physical or subtle!

Divine Visit – Assisi, Italy – April 22, 2017

“Saint Francis had only two Darshans, and did so much good to others, and here are you all, who have had Darshans in the morning, noon and night! How much more you all should be doing! Life does not end in death, it continues. Once you know the truth, you become fearless.”

Divine Visit – Assisi, Italy – April 21, 2017

Swami’s room was tastefully decorated, and the baby pink and white room, embellished with colour coordinated furnishing looked peaceful. The presence of God only enhanced the spirit! While dinner was served, Swami commented that the same colour theme of baby pink and white will be used for the new Sri Sathya Sai Sarla Memorial Hospital which will be built in Muddenahalli, and Bhagawan will perform the Bhoomi Puja on coming Easwaramma Day. Swami was very happy to be in Assisi, and said that only those with a connection can come to this very spiritual place.

Easter Holiday or Holydays?

Easter Holy days now are more significant than ever before, for the message of ISA (Jesus) is the same as the message of SAI, and both the Masters have given up their lives for the emancipation of humanity. This time is most sacred and must be spent as HOLY days in remembrance and following of the teachings of both the Masters. It will only be very unfortunate if it is whiled away as holidays, forgetting the very purpose of their sacrifices

Sai’s Love manifests, as the first surgery is successfully completed – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care and Research – Palwal, Haryana – Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“Baba says that every child belongs to a mother, ‘I don’t have any difference’, it is all about ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Health is about not going to a hospital, which is what Baba often remarked. Therefore, great emphasis is being laid on prevention through child screening programmes now in the form of Divine Child Health Programme. Baba would say, ‘The greatest creation on earth takes nine months, why can’t you create the hospital in nine months?’ And so here is this hospital, just like the Raipur hospital which was readied within a short span of nine months.”

I need to work harder

I know that all of you have been missing Me, and also have been complaining that Swami has time to go to all the countries but not to come to our schools. But let Me tell you My children, that also is for your sake alone. I am ‘Sai Baba’, the divine mother and father rolled in to one. Just as I have a duty to care for you, visit you and nurture you like a mother, I also have to provide for you and protect you as a father. Since I have to perform this ‘double role’, I have to work harder.

Divine Visit – Chigwell, UK – April 14, 2017

Swami is pure selfless love. There is no other definition. You call Him by whatever names; at the end, the essence is He is pure selfless love. He lives for the sake of loving, He lives for the sake of giving, He lives for the sake of serving. If you can lead your lives for that sake, definitely you will become like Swami. The more you do, the more you will become like Him. That is the way you can help Swami and help the mission of Swami.

Divine Visit – Wimbledon and Portsmouth, UK – April 13, 2017

Selflessly if you serve others, if you love others, if you pray for others, definitely God will be pleased. And that very home will become heaven where each lives for the sake of the other. That is the message that you must get or receive from this visit of Swami where He is trying to teach that do not pray God for anything else, do not even pray God only for your sake. Pray to God so that everyone is happy, everyone benefits from it!

Divine Visit – Leicester and Wimbledon, UK – April 12, 2017

Bhagawan with his entourage visited the residences of two devotees at Leicester and Wimbledon answering their prayers to bless them. It is indeed endearing to the see this love of the devotees in every country, truly palpable!

Commencement of Paediatric Cardiac Services at Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Center for Child Heart Care & Research

April 2017 is an important month for this Centre of Excellence. The Hospital has commenced its comprehensive Paediatric Cardiac Outpatients Services from 3rd April 2017 and with the Divine blessings of Swami, the first paediatric cardiac surgery will be performed on 19th April 2017.

Divine Visit – Darsham, Suffolk, UK – April 11, 2017 (Evening)

Seva is a combination of all the paths together. There is Karma Yoga as you do Seva without any expectations and with the feeling that you are serving none other than God. It is Jnana Yoga because you are doing it with the awareness that it is God alone who is serving and who is being served. And Bhakti Yoga, because you are doing it not out of some compulsion or force, but out of source of the joy, of the love that you have within for God. A combination of all the three is Seva and that is the Yoga, union that it confers upon us. Only action which is rendered with great selflessness and love is perfect action.

Divine Visit – Darsham, Suffolk, UK – April 11, 2017 (Morning)

See, in so many houses so many rooms for Swami now. That is your feeling that Swami is coming. Everything is faith at the end. If you believe it, it is true. If you don’t believe, it’s not. For someone who believes, even a stone becomes God. And for someone who does not, God becomes only a stone. So it all depends on our faith. As is your faith, so is your experience. Faith is very important on the spiritual path. Faith is accepting, thinking, believing in something that you cannot see with your physical eyes, cannot touch or experience with your physical senses. It’s beyond that. You have to transcend these senses to understand the higher faith

Divine Visit – London – April 10, 2017

God does not need all these services. But it is a tradition in India that we don’t consider God as just a statue. God is considered to be living, and from morning to evening there are sixteen kinds of services which are offered to God, right from waking Him, giving Him a bath, dressing Him, entertaining Him, offering food, putting Him to rest in the afternoon, waking Him again, offering snacks, offering Puja and Archana in the evening, entertain God with songs, dance and literature, offering food and finally putting Him to sleep and the likes

Divine Visit – Germany – April 09, 2017 (Evening)

Without a goal, all our efforts will go in vain. The right time to set a vision or goal is youth. For those who do not have a goal or purpose, life will be wasted away. And those who have a goal or vision, they will always be focused and not waste any time. It is important that every young man and woman, thinks about what he or she would like to be at the end, and how he or she would become, that which one desires. This kind of thinking must be inculcated in the minds of the youth.

Divine Visit – Germany – April 09, 2017 (Morning)

To Me, the good of the society is far above all the individual preferences. If you want to serve, God will open hundred doors to help you go and serve; He will make your way. But if you do not want to serve, even if there are hundred opportunities, you will not see them. Therefore, the one who wants to do, God will give a hundred opportunities for them to go ahead and follow these teachings.

Divine Visit – Germany – April 08, 2017

The truth that ‘I am God’ will make you fearless, selfless, pure and like ME! Everyone has to become divine, there is no other way. Swami is going from country to country to remind you about this, as everyone wants to be happy. But where is happiness? It is not in the world, which is ‘Anithyam Asukham’ (temporary and full of sorrows). In such a world permanent happiness is not possible, but it is possible only with God. This is why Swami is reminding everyone to go to God.

Divine Visit – Greece – April 07, 2017

Bhagawan proceeded to bless the new Seva Centre lovingly started in less than 45 days by the devotees. Spread over almost 700 square meters, this multipurpose facility will serve as a place where devotees will not only gather for regular Satsangs, but for doing Seva as well.

Divine Visit – Greece – April 06, 2017

The Greeks were explorers and adventurous kinds, they were skilled in making boats. The Egyptians were great at construction. The Mongols were warriors, and the Dravidians were spiritual. All the knowledge the original Indians got was from within, by connecting to the higher self in meditation.

Prema Sai – The Silent Teacher

As one progresses spiritually, the regular conversations don’t have a place, as the devotees come to Guru only for the blissful experience of being in His divine presence. All questioning and answering ceases then. That’s why I say when Prema Sai comes, there won’t be any need for Him to speak much, as the kind of devotees around Him would be so evolved that they would just come to experience Him and not to ask or seek anything

Divine Visit – Greece – April 05, 2017

One name of Lord Rama is equivalent to chanting a thousand other names of the Lord. It’s mere chanting helps your mind get absorbed in its beauty. The sweet nectarine juice of Rama’s name is the essence of all Vedas, that removes the sorrow of the bondage of birth and death. However only those who’s tongues are free from the fever of worldly desires can realise the taste of the Lord’s name. Those who come without any desire other than wanting the Lord for the Lord’s sake alone, can enjoy its sweetness.