How do you gain good concentration? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 5, 2017

When you have a pure mind, concentration is spontaneous. Due to lack of purity, many perversions enter the mind and therefore, it is very fickle.

What kind of students should come out of Sathya Sai Institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – Tumkur – October 03, 2017

The very purpose of our educational institutions is to make the little children into men and women of divine love. The only aspiration that I have is that these children render this kind of service to society.

Why is Swami starting so many schools? – Bhoomi Puja of Sri Sathya Sai Sevaniketanam, Koppal – October 02, 2017

The reason why we are starting these many schools is to provide spiritual education along with the worldly subjects. We provide education to make man a true human being.

How do you become a good instrument of Swami? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sai Spoorthi, Annual Alumni and Alumnae Meet – October 1, 2017

Why do Indians have so many festivals? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 29, 2017

Because our ancient people knew that our minds are quite fickle and they will deviate from this noble path of attaining God, they incorporated so many festivities so that we always keep our mind focused on God even if it strays away.

Have you been with Swami before? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 26, 2017

It is the same monkeys who incarnated again as the Gopalas to be again with their Lord and enjoy His proximity. The same Gopalas have again reincarnated and are with Swami as His students, as His devotees to enjoy His proximity even now.

What are the steps to attain purity? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 25, 2017

First, discriminate between what gives temporary joy and what gives permanent joy (Viveka). Second, have the capacity to detach from temporary attainments (Vairagya).

How to think of god all the time? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 23, 2017

In order to achieve purity of mind, purity of heart, good company is very important. Only in good company you will get good thoughts.

How does listening to the glories of the Lord benefit us? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 21, 2017

By listening, contemplating and practicing lessons in divinity, we become purer and full of bhakti. This gives great intelligence which liberates us from cycle of life and death.

Why do we remember and celebrate king Mahabali? – Divine Discourse Summary – Onam – September 4, 2017

Everything should be done for the love of God, everything should be sacrificed to God. This is the ideal that the devotees must lead their lives by.

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How can we improve infant health? – Divine Discourse Summary – Inauguration of Divine Mother and Child Health Programme – September 1, 2017

We must put every single effort possible in our capacity to reach out to those women who lack access to proper medical care and are about to deliver.

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Can you count the spiritual significances embedded in Ganesh Chaturthi celebration? – Divine Discourse Summary – Ganesh Chaturthi – August 25, 2017

Whether Sukha or Dukha, whether pleasure or pain, He digests everything with equanimity. With His four hands, He continues to bless, serve, save and transform.

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What should we pray for from Ganesha? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 24, 2017

Ganesha signifies that realisation which comes that you are manifested in the Prakriti but your ultimate source is Purusha.

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What should a Sai student achieve? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenhalli – August 20, 2017

Your service begins right here and now; you don’t have to grow up to become somebody to start doing service.

Serving others is the easiest way to God – Divine Discourse Summary – August 19, 2017

The way to assess whether you are growing well in service is by the humility you develop.

What made Indian culture thrive throughout the ages? – Divine Discourse Summary- August 20, 2017

As long as the Indians believe in God, have faith in God and respect the Divinity in everything and everyone, India shall continue to live – not only live but thrive.

What is the core teaching in Sai institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthiniketanam, Nallakadirenahalli – August 17, 2017