Divine Visit – Izu, Japan – March 19, 2017

The role of the Guru in the ancient scriptures has been placed higher than God. For without the help of the Guru one cannot realise God. Think of a traveller who is thirsty. There is water nearby, but he does not know where the water is. If a guide tells him where water can be found, the role of the guide is far important. Such a person who guides the thirsty to water is a Guru.


Divine Visit – Singapore to Japan – March 18, 2017

“Where do you find such devotion! Truly, I do not need the food, but only the love with which it has been prepared. Just like Krishna who would find the love soaked butter of the Gopikas far tastier than the one made in His own home, by His Mother Yashoda.”


Divine Visit – Singapore – March 17, 2017

A devotee is not simply one who wears clothes which are prescribed for the devotees, not somebody who puts a lot of Vibhuti, not even somebody who chants and sings the name of God. A devotee is the one who with great faith and courage, sees God in everyone and thereby serves God in everyone. My devotees must be those who see Me in others: in an ailing child, in a poor suffering baby, in the poverty-stricken parents, in the grief-stricken society.


Divine Visit – Singapore – March 16, 2017

My real mission is that, you become more kind, more selfless; thinking less about yourself and more about others. All of you have the same purpose in life. Paths and means may be different, but the destination is to become free of selfishness, and become selfless like God. Easiest way is to develop love for God, with the name of God in your heart and work of God in your hands. These two are like the two wings which will help you fly, and help you achieve the purpose of your life.


Divine Visit – March 08, 2017 – Ooty

“If we pretend to be God, we will tend to be God and we will end up being God. So begin with developing Divine thoughts, it should transform into Divine words, which should further translate into Divine actions.”


Divine Visit – March 07, 2017 (Evening) – Ooty

“Leela of the subtle body is like the connecting train between the station of Sathya Sai to the station of Prema Sai, however the only pass that one needs to board this train is that of pure love. The good that we do will enable us to purchase this pass and travel on the train just as people get a pass to travel on the mountain train between Ooty and Ketti .”


Divine Visit – March 07, 2017 (Morning) – Ooty

“The whole world is our family, and no is different from our own. The one who thinks this way, is a man of character and broad mindedness.”


Divine Visit – March 06, 2017 – Ooty

“A heart which is full of pure love alone can understand the principle of God, and today pure hearted people can easily understand the presence of Swami, and feel it in their heart.”


Divine Visit – March 05, 2017 (Evening) – Ooty

“One must realise having received this blessing after many many births of merits, and it should not be squandered away. If only we remember all the hardships we have undergone to earn this opportunity to be in His proximity, we would not waste a single minute, but put all efforts to gain in the spiritual path.”


Divine Visit – March 05, 2017 (Morning) – Top Slip to Ooty

“All the good is known to God. No one needs to tell God what good you do. In His own time, He will reward you. If you want to help a child for a day, you may feed. If you want to help him for a few days, you may provide clothes. But if you want to help a child forever, you must provide education.”


Divine Visit-March 04, 2017 (Evening)-Top Slip-Valparai

After the afternoon rest, everyone assembled back at the Forest Rest House which had turned in to the abode of the Divine. Perched on top of the highest point, it had a panoramic view of the forest.


Divine Visit – Top Slip – Valparai – March 04, 2017

Swami spoke for a short while next, about the importance of Sadhana in our daily lives. He clearly said that just because somebody stays close to Swami physically, it will not automatically ensure liberation or achievement of the highest. For this, every individual needs to put some self effort and when it is coupled with His grace, the results will definitely be achievable. Thus, Bhagawan advised every student, staff and devotee gathered to choose a particular Sadhana and follow it implicitly. He said, “On the other side, one must also engage in Seva or service, for Sadhana will be not be fulfilling without Seva, and Seva will not be useful without Sadhana.”


Divine Visit – Top Slip – Valparai – March 03, 2017

Swami advised the students to learn from nature which was all around them, just as the yogis spent time in the nature in order to lead a more selfless and pious life. He also praised the efforts of Mr Ganesan in doing his duty well and supporting the cause of conserving the nature and forest. Swami in His own imitable style said “Forest is for rest, definitely it gives peace and purity. One must derive devotion when they look at the variety and diversity in the creation, and adore God for such a wonderful world He has given us to live in.”


Divine Visit – Mandya – Day Two – February 22, 2017

It was yet another morning filled with excitement and cheer. All the guests were ready as early as 7:30 a.m. and after a hearty breakfast, everyone eagerly waited for the Lord’s arrival at the new High School building, an occasion to celebrate with Swami yet another milestone in the history of the Mandya campus.


Shivarathri Celebrations February 26, 2017 – Day Four, Evening

Celebration of Shiva, who is the cosmic ecstatic dancer isn’t complete without revelling in the divine art form of dance.


Shivarathri Celebrations February 25, 2017 – Day Three, Evening

All good things must come to an end, it is said. But when one is in the immediate presence of the omnipresent Lord, the good can only get better. The Shivarathri Celebrations at Muddenahalli continued unabated in to its third day,


Shivarathri Celebrations – February 25, 2017 – Day Three, Morning

The divine energy and spiritual gaiety at Muddenahalli was at its pinnacle after the auspicious Lingodbhavam on the Mahashivaratri night (24th Feb, 2017).


Shivarathri Celebrations February 24, 2017 – Day Two, Evening

This year’s Maha Shivarathri would be celebrated in history as the day that revealed yet another divine facet of the Sathya Sai Avatar.


Shivarathri Celebrations February 24, 2017 – Day Two, Morning

The second day of Mahashivrathri celebrations at Muddenahalli began with an offering of the powerful Rudra Abhishekam to Lord Sai Shiva at the magnificent Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham hall.


Shivarathri Celebrations February 23, 2017– Day One, Evening

One of the most auspicious festivals in the Hindu calendar is Maha Shivarathri, which is observed in adoration of Lord Shiva. It is a festival of great spiritual significance and is believed to propel man onto the path of divinity.