Chintana alone can dissolve chinta – Summary of Divine Discourse on 10 January, 2016

All men and women, once older, drown worrying about many issues. All the time they are only worrying – chinta, and not in chintana– contemplation of the Lord. If you really contemplate on God, you have no reason to be worried about. For the human worry, there is no real solution at all. If we want to reach a state of ‘na chinta’ or no worry, we have to do ‘chintana’ i.e. contemplation on God. When you contemplate on God, that turns into meditation and you will establish a communion with God and all the worries will vanish.

When you are full of difficulties already, when no more difficulties knock at your door, you feel happy that no more difficulties are bothering you. That’s how all the difficulties are distributed among all the people equally. We look at only our own difficulties and get worried. If we look at the difficulties of others, then you think that you are better off. When difficulties come to us, we should think that Swami has given us this opportunity. We should pray, “Lord, grant me the state of mind in which I think of you irrespective of whether I’m facing a difficulty or enjoying happiness.” That is the right prayer. In this world of activity, we cannot escape the impact or consequences of activities. Whatever actions we perform, naturally we have to accept and undergo the consequences. We can gain equanimity of mind when we treat happiness or sorrow as God’s gift. When we know that everything is God’s gift, we are not disturbed by anything. That is what becomes karma yoga. It is said yoga is nothing but equanimity of mind.

When you listen to the name of God, you will experience joy even in difficult situations. Therefore, in any situation, we should think of God, contemplate on God and forget our difficulties. This way, we can be happy all the time.

When others prosper, we should feel happier and we should not feel bad. Others happiness is your happiness. We should pray for the happiness of everybody. Surrender to Swami and offer everything to Swami. Have firm faith that He will look after everything. You should develop the faith that whatever is good for me, Swami will do for me. You need not have to go and ask Swami anything. You should develop surrender that He will guide us, give the right guidance and do the right thing for us all the time.

There is great purity in unity and there is divinity in purity. When we get together united, we can achieve anything in the world. How do we get unity? When we develop broadmindedness that everybody belongs to us, we achieve unity. God did not divide the earth by drawing lines into various nations. Earth is one, sky is one, water is one, there is one moon and sun. God created one; He did not divide. Human beings divided because of their selfishness and self-interest. What we need is not vibhajana(division), but bhajana (devotion to God). When you have true devotion, there won’t be any division. But where there is division, there can’t be devotion.

People of  Malaysia, Nigera, Sri Lanka- all belong to us; that is how we should feel. That is how I am going to every country, establishing centres of service and spirituality and uniting all of them. All the nations are like railway compartments; India is the engine. When India leads, all other nations will follow. But in India itself a lot of differences are cropping up. We have to unite everyone. In ten years you will see this: India is going to become the spiritual leader of mankind. In ten years, even United Nations organisation will accept the ideals being taught by Swami; they are going to propagate this idea of unity and oneness.

To have unity, you should have unity of thought, word and deed. When you have that unity, you will get purity inside. Because of that purity, you will experience divinity. What we can do inside is what we can achieve outside.