Divine Discourse Summary – January 5, 2017

What is the greatest power?

We all are a combination of three types of powers. At the very basic level, we all have a body with muscles, bones and organs. All these constitute our physical body and they provide us the physical strength or Dehabalam. Higher than that is Manobalam – the strength of one’s mind, which comprises intellect and emotions. Winning a game due to physical and intellectual strength may result in pride and losing a game could make you depressed. But both aren’t a show of the strength of one’s emotions. To be able to maintain equanimity, both in success and failure, is the true strength of mind. Above all this is Atmabalam or the strength of the spirit. This spiritual power is inherent or latent in all human beings. This gives you the courage, the necessary patience and valour to achieve that which you think is impossible. One may think that this may not be achievable by physical strength or by all the intellectual strength but with the strength of the spirit or the Divine self, it can be easily achieved. No power is greater than the power of one’s own self.

The biggest fear is the fear of failure. What if I attempt this and do not succeed? What will others think and say? How am I going to face criticism? All these kinds of fears fill the minds of people. But when you have faith in the Divine that He is there to protect us, there is no scope for any kind of fear. If you do your duty with all your might, God’s grace and protection is there to help you achieve what you attempt. Success will come sometimes, and at times there will be failure. But there shouldn’t be any fear. You will have the equanimity to take both in equal strides and not worry about the outcomes, if the sole reason for doing work being is to please God. You will be able to do whatever you do well, fulling knowing that the efforts are in your hand and the results are in the hands of God. So, whatever God gives, take it with grace for He knows best and will not do injustice to you. When the opposition is strong physically and more empowered intellectually, how can one beat them easily? In such a circumstance, only Atmabalam or the faith in the Divine can come to one’s rescue. When you challenge yourself to tasks that otherwise seem impossible, you must use this faith in God to achieve it.

Do everything for the love of God, offer it to God. Do not keep an eye on the outcome. Do your best. Doing your duty is all that is in your hands. If you win it, take it with great humility that God has bestowed upon you this grace. And be kind and compassionate to those who have lost. For you never know you could be on the losing side some other day. If you lose, be graceful in accepting it. Think that your brother or sister only has won the game and enjoy and rejoice in their joy. Have the character to go and congratulate them truly from your heart and share their joy. Learn why you have lost and improve upon your abilities. This is the lesson of life. Being humble in victory, compassionate in victory and strong in losses is character. Keep everybody as your brother or sister and rejoice with everyone. Above all, do everything for the love of God and offer it to God.