Divine Discourse Summary – January 8, 2017

How can we experience God?

What we think exists, does not exist and what we think does not exist, truly exists. All the world that exists is merely reflection, reaction and resound. If you enter a room full of darkness, you cannot see things and will therefore not know that they exist even if they do. Just because you do not see them due to darkness, does not mean they do not exist. The moment a lamp is lit, the light falls on the object and gets reflected. It is because of the reflection you see that you makes it known that the object exists. Therefore, what we truly see is not the object but the reflection of the light from the object. Similarly, whatever we experience in this world is a reaction to some action.

The whole world is nothing but a shadow of the Truth, which is God. It is only when you turn your vision towards the object, can you truly know where it is. The changing world is the changing shadow of the permanent God. It is just like your own shadow, which changes during the course of the day. Likewise, this world keeps changing. But one thing that does not change is the presence of God. Just as butter is hidden within the milk and comes out only after churning, God exists in the whole of this universe but only with a process can we experience Him. What is this process? Purity of heart is the process. If we purify ourselves, we will be able to experience God in everything. Just as a person afflicted with fever does not get the appropriate taste – even sweet tastes bitter for him – a person filled with impurity cannot experience the existence of God. The one who does not have purity of heart cannot understand Atma tatva or the Divine principle. The highest Divine principle can only be understood by the one who has a pure heart. Now what is this Chittashuddhi or purity of heart? Selfless love is purity. Selfish love is impurity. ‘I’ and ‘mine’- is impurity. But when we think ‘we’ and ‘ours’, it becomes purer.

So, what are we doing in our educational institutions? We are trying to purify your heart to help you develop selfless love, which will make you experience Divinity everywhere at all times and in all places. But how can somebody become selfless and pure so that he can experience God? When you have faith in God, you can develop selflessness. “God exists. He will look after me, He will take care of me, no harm will come to me. I have nothing to fear because He exists to protect me.” When you have this unflinching faith in God and in His love, you will become selfless. Therefore, it is said, where there is faith, there is love; where there is love, there is peace; where there is peace, there is truth; where there is truth, there is God and where there is God, there is bliss. Only when you develop this staunch faith in the existence and protection and love of God, can you really understand and experience the bliss of God everywhere. The heart of our education is to inculcate devotion in the students. Of all the qualities that education must confer upon you, the highest quality is devotion to God. And devotion has two aspects to it like the two parts of a seed. One side is the unflinching faith in God and the other side is serving God in all.

What is this Sports and Cultural Meet? What are we training the students to do? They are all doing this not to get accolades, prizes or praises from others. They are doing it to please Swami, to please God. If you please God, praise, prizes, fame, everything will follow because they are just shadows of God.