Education should lead mankind towards immortality- Summary Divine Discourse on November 22, 2016 – Evening

The modern education has led mankind only into confusion. It has led mankind to become more egoistic and self-centered. The need of the hour is the education that leads mankind towards immortality. Vidya – the very word tells us the inner meaning of knowing – Vid to know, ya – that. Knowing that which is to be known is the true purpose of Vidya or education.

Learning everything else about this changing world will only keep changing and even if you are educated today, tomorrow you will appear to be uneducated because of the changes that happen rapidly. Our scriptures describe this kind of education as Jeevanopadhi, the one that is needed for eking out one’s livelihood. Higher than this is Jeevitaparamavadhi, that which leads us to a higher life. Without goodness and good conduct, can any education be called good education? All teachers, administrators and the elders are working day and night to fulfil this vision of good education, which is the very backbone of Indian culture.

The word Bharata means people who revel in the glory of the Lord. In the word Bharata- ‘Bha’ means Bhagavan, ‘Rata’ means the one who enjoys or revels in it. The very basis of Indian culture is the belief that God exists. And because this culture is based on this permanent truth of the existence of God, this culture has also remained permanent and not faded away with changing times. It is quite natural that, something that is basing itself on fundamentally permanent things will always remain permanent but that which bases itself on the temporary, will fall apart some day. Today, India is standing on the threshold of a very great time ahead. It is here to reclaim its past glory of being the teacher to the entire world. And this is the perfect time to spread this culture of India, which believes in God and being godly, to the rest of the world. And today the very purpose of spreading this education to all parts of this country is to revive this fundamental culture of India and spread it to the rest of the world and thereby herald a new age of peace and harmony.

Believing that God exists is not the faith that I am asking for. True faith in God is the faith that He will look after me, I need not look after myself. That kind of faith alone can lead you to the selflessness that we are striving to achieve. Dear golden children! All of you are poised for a great future. However, this opportunity though given to everyone equally will be truly fulfilled only when you put your efforts. Gita says: where there is Krishna, the Yogeeshwara and Arjuna, the bow-yielding one, that is where there is Shri – prosperity, Vijaya – success and Vibhuti- fame. Krishna is the god of the Yogis – one who is in constant communion with God, who lives for God, whose life is centred on God. Today what you are going through is such a training, which will help you tomorrow to wipe out the negatives in this world and bring about this Age of Dharma or Righteousness.  

I am depending on you students – both boys and girls – to learn such an education and not merely know it but practise it in your daily lives.  I was told children from Gulbarga who passed out recently came to meet their teachers with all their savings, and said, “We want to offer this so that at least one more of our brothers can be educated free of all charge.” It is not the money that matters to me. But what gives me great joy is that they have learnt what I have come here to teach. If God is with you, nothing can ever come in your way. You are bound to succeed. You are bound to achieve success both in this world and that.