How best to deal with desires – Summary Divine Discourse on 9 October 2016

The one who is free of all desires and expectations, is pure – outside and inside, has mastered all skills and is not brooding over all that has happened, the one who does not have the feeling of having initiated any action or doership, such a devotee is dear to Me. If the whole of Bhagavad Gita is compared with the milk, then Bhakti Yoga is the butter churned out of it. Yoga means union with God. Therefore, the message of this chapter is how Bhakti or devotion for God can make us one with God.

In this university called the universe, all devotees are like students and God is the teacher. The best of the devotees are those who seek God only for God’s sake and nothing else. There are those who also seek other things. So, God encourages them. At least you are thinking of Me. “Let Me give you what you desire. So, far you had not been even thinking of Me. At least due to this problem, you are thinking of Me.” So, He will encourage them, give them what they require. He is strict with the best students, who want only God for He does not want them to slip to lower levels as He is aware that mind can go either ways. So, even if they ask for these worldly things influenced by circumstances, He will avoid giving it to them in order to keep them pure and steady in their pursuit of God. He attracts you by giving you that which you want so that He can teach you what He wants to teach you. But eventually we must realise the transience of all the other things, which do not have permanent happiness in them. Anityam asukham lokam – there is no permanence and there is no joy in this world.

We cannot get rid of desires. So, how do we deal with our desires? Lower desires should be replaced with higher desires. And higher desires should be replaced with the highest desire for God. For, if you have got God Himself, who is the owner of this entire universe, you will get everything along with it. When the one who gives Bhakti and Mukti is by your side, why do you ask for this world that is so distasteful? One desire leads to the other. And if you think that if one desire is fulfilled, you will be satisfied, you are mistaken. If you fulfill one desire, another desire will arise. The best way to satisfy the desire is to eliminate it. But if you are not able to eliminate desires at least replace it. God is Truth, world is shadow. If you go for the shadow, you may not get anything. But if you get the object, the shadow also will follow, Therefore, if you ask for God, world also will come to you. If at all you need to have a desire – I want God, I want God, I want God – should be the desire that you must entertain. If you find who you are, if you desire to know who you truly are, if you find out your ultimate truth, then you will be always happy. This is the message of Anapeksha.

Use this Mantra: I want God, I want to please God, I want to be near God, I want to be dear to God. There is no point in mugging up or remembering all the kinds of knowledge – they are like a bagful of coins; heavy to carry with limited value. Love for God is like a one thousand rupee note, light but of the same value. Love lives by giving and forgiving. It does not seek anything. It is in itself its fulfillment. River flows because its joy is in flowing. Wind blows because its nature is to blow. Likewise, our Svabhava, true nature is love. And it is in giving love that we get love. Love does not even seek to be loved. It just loves. The one who has tasted the bliss of love for the Lord will find everything else tasteless. Once you have tasted the elixir of Divine love, nothing else will ever attract you. Therefore, seek from God:”O Lord! My tongue craves for all kinds of tastes in this world. Give me the taste of Your love. Give me the taste of that Divine joy, so that I shall shun all the other kinds of distraction.” With love as the coating on you, be above the waters of the world like the lotus flower that always looks towards the sun.

Asatoma Sadgamaya, from untruth take us to the Truth; Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya, from darkness take us to the light; Mrutyorma Amrutamgamaya from this nature of ephemeral take us to immortality. Seek God! You will get everything. There is no better time; there is no better opportunity than this and now. Don’t postpone it. Do it now, here.