How to increase attachment to the Self or Atman? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 05 October 2016

A bubble is born out of water, it floats in water and ultimately merges into the same water. Man is like the bubble and God is the water. This is the word of Truth, word of Sai.

With all these five senses or faculties, I am experiencing myself and the world around me, which seems to be full of differences. Even though I am born out of my mother and father, I am different from them as I see. Therefore, wherever we see, we are only seeing difference. How then can we say that all this difference is only one? If a man of wisdom is able to see oneness in all the differences that exist, then the only way to understand what is being said is to become a person of wisdom. It is because of some limitations that we are unable to understand and experience these sacred words of the Upanishads. When a man looks at his own reflection and recognises it as his own reflection, he is happy and goes on admiring it. However, say in the bathroom where there is no light, if you suddenly see some reflection in the mirror you may assume it to be somebody else in the room. You get afraid thinking that there is somebody else inside the room because you are unaware of the reflection in the darkness. This fear is arising out of ignorance or darkness. So, if you switch on the light and see that the refection is yours in the mirror, you become free of this ignorance and thereby of the fear.

The whole world is reflection, reaction, resound. All around us what we see is nothing but our own reflection. The source of it all is God. And you are all like mirrors reflecting Him. But sometimes, this reflection is not clear because there is darkness. Or there is a defect – the mirror is covered with a cloth or dust. So, we are unable to see the reflection clearly. This leads to a distorted perception of the truth. MalaVikshepaAvarana – these are the three things that cause this distortion or misunderstanding. Mala means impurities. You have to wipe your hearts clean of all impurities to enable yourself to see a clear reflection.  Vikshepa means you perceive things differently from their reality. The third is Avarana. If the mirror is covered with a cloth, you cannot see your reflection. Only when you remove the cloth, the reflection is clear. So,if you want to see your reflection clearly in the mirror, there should not be any impurities, there should be enough light and there shouldn’t be any cover on the mirror. All the three are important. This Dehabhimana or the attachment to the body makes us think that we are all different.

The mind also brings a sense of attachment to the body. The mind makes you think that you are this body. Such a mind is full of darkness, impurities and does not allow the reflection to happen. When the mind lights the lamp of wisdom in the proximity of a Jnani, it becomes illuminated. The company of a wise and noble person, practice of his teachings and serving others with love will enable you to see the clear reflection. With this, the body attachment fades and the Atmabhimanam or the attachment to the Self or Atman increases. There is only one person and that is God. You are all like mirrors reflecting the same God. But because of these impurities and attachments, the reflection of God is not clear in you. That is why I say: Be good, do good, see good. This is the way to God. Because in this goodness, Godness exists.

What is the secret of births and deaths? God is like the water, like an ocean. In that, the waves come up and disappear. The basis is the water in the ocean. These bubbles, this foam, these waves are emanating out of it, staying for a while and then disappearing into the same waters. Like that you all have come out of God and will go back to God. And that is why God is the basis and you are all moving waves on the ocean of God. If you are born out of water, your nature is also water. It is you who think it is different. For a moment, the foam may form, for a moment the bubble may form, but it has to burst and go back.  If the bubble or the wave or the foam starts thinking it is different from the ocean, that difference is only momentary and not real. Therefore, you are all Gods.  You are born out of God, you live in God, you merge in God. Once we are aware of this truth, there is no Shoka or Moha, there is no attachment and sorrow. Coming from God and going into God is good. Therefore, there is no reason to grieve. That is what Krishna says. Know this truth and be free of all sorrows. By thinking and practicing you will be able to digest the knowledge given to you.

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