Inner transformation: the road to realising your Atmic Principle – Summary of Divine Discourse on 08 March, 2016

The whole of Creation emerges from Truth and finally merges back into Truth. There is no place in the universe, which is not impacted by this Truth.

The Atmic principle in the form of Truth pervades everything and every being. But we are not able to recognise this Truth because we are immersed in the darkness of ignorance, which is nothing but body consciousness. If you want to recognise this divine principle, effort is required. This effort is referred to as Sadhana. Unless you get rid of the tamasik quality of laziness and inertia, you will never be able to recognise the Truth; unless you get rid of the rajasik quality of passion and incessant activity, you will never be able to develop devotion; it is the satvik quality or purity, which helps you develop devotion.

When we offer the bilva leaf at the lotus feet of God, we have to believe that it is our life, which is full of the three qualities that is being offered. If we can conquer tamasik and rajasik qualities, then pure satvik qualities will emerge in us. As long as you are immersed in tamasic and rajasic qualities, no matter how much satvik knowledge and satvik wisdom you hear, it will not help you. That is why it is necessary that we try to get rid of tamasik and rajasik qualities and develop satvik quality.

When a man is enveloped in only worldly pleasures and sensual pleasures, he will never be able to understand what divine joy is. I have come here in order to see that you will again experience your own divinity. Just devotees are not good enough for Me. I need men and women of sacrifice and yoga. I want those who are karma yogis. Even in all our institutions, if we just work being in the tamasic qualities, they will remain actually only as karma, it will never become karma yoga. Just education – is not enough; we need transformation also. All of you should struggle for transformation.

Our inhalation and exhalation keep teaching us the mantra ‘Soham’. Transform every day into Shivaratri and within your minds, you should adore Shiva all the time. You should contemplate on the truth that God is not just the one who comes down in human form but He is the formless One. In fact, the temple of Shiva is not elsewhere; your body should be transformed into a temple. The atma tatva or the atmic principle within us is nothing but Shiva; you have to adore it. Of all the three divine functions of creation, sustenance and destruction, Shiva is in charge of destruction. What is he destroying? He is not destroying the sinner, he is destroying the sin. Because of the tamasic quality within us, we get into sinful acts. You have to offer the six inner enemies to him and pray to him to grant you that auspiciousness. Shiva is nothing but auspiciousness. When you have true love for God you will fear sin. Using your discrimination, you have to give up evil things and do only the right things. See that your mind does not go outward but inward.

There is no point in blaming others for our sorrows and miseries and saying that you are experiencing misery because of others. Your sorrow, your grief is because of your own ego and attachment. When you set right the cause, then you will be able to attain happiness and joy. If you want to transform your future into a happy and joyful future, you have to put in the right effort today. You may celebrate any number of Shivaratris and Navaratris, but if there is no inner transformation, you are not going to gain anything. My Mission will find fulfillment only if you develop pure qualities and experience divinity, and get rid of the meaner qualities. You have adored God the entire night! Keep it absolutely secure within your hearts and see that you are always pure and holy.

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