Love alone can help one understand the principle of Divinity – Summary of Divine Discourse on 11 February, 2016

God neither has a particular name nor a particular form. How do human beings who have this body- mind complex really understand God who is beyond body and mind? Only through experience you can understand Him. When God comes down to be with the human beings as an Avatar, He has both individual consciousness, jeeva prajna and also daiva prajna, divine consciousness. But for man who is full of body consciousness, it is almost impossible to understand this divine principle.

God is in everybody in equal measure. A mother has love for everyone in equal measure. At the right time, the mother gives everything to every child. You have to secure your faith very firmly that if you believe that Swami is God, He is there everywhere with you wherever you go. Then, why is it that we should all gather here? We are here for satsang, good company. Wherever there is good company, there is the company of Sai also.

The fact that Swami is in everybody can be understood only through experience. Then how can we experience this? Love is the divine principle. Something that is love can be understood only with love. Water can mix with only water, not with oil. Only when love in you and love in Me merge with each other, you can understand the principle of Swami or God or divinity. We have to look at the in-dweller in the body. When we know that the same in-dweller is there in everybody, then we will be able to love everybody equally. How is Swami able to love everyone? He looks at the divinity in everyone; therefore, He is able to love everybody equally.

You are always telling that “We love Swami, we love Swami,” but who is this Swami? Is Sai Baba the body with which He came? Or is He the same person who is going to come in the third Avatar?  The bodies are different, but the divine principle is one and the same.

When somebody approaches you, you should know that Swami is coming in that form to teach you something. When the other person speaks to you sweetly, you should think that it is Swami; even when the other person is speaking harsh words, you should think that Swami is teaching you some lessons. If you worship or even cut a sandal tree, the only fragrance it can give is that sweet fragrance. We can understand the Sai principle properly when we understand that kind of helping nature and love.

To think that Swami is a body or a name is a big mistake. Come here, learn but at the same time, you have to practise what you learn here. What I want is practice, not preaching. Wherever you practise, I will come there; you don’t have to come here at all. That is why I say: If you follow Me, I will follow you. Wherever you go, I will follow you. Wherever you are, you can experience Me.