Love and sacrifice are two sides of the same coin – Summary of Divine Discourse on 08 May, 2016

We have to welcome, invite and give joy to everyone who comes to our doorstep. This is the quality of love. The love principle keeps expanding with only the motivation of loving and serving everybody. Expansion is life, contraction is death. True expansion of love is when we broaden our minds and feel that everybody in the world belongs to our family. That is how you traverse from an individual to the society and from the society to God. Only mean-minded people think that these people belong to me and these people do not. For broad-minded people, the whole world is one family. Such a person thinks that everybody belongs to me.

Sacrifice is the natural quality of love. If there is no sacrifice, there is no love at all. A coin has two faces: on one side, its value is written and on the other side the symbol that represents that nation is imprinted. The coin will have value only of it has both sides imprinted. Therefore, love without sacrifice is no love; sacrifice without love is no sacrifice. Only when both are there, human life will find value. If you have only one of them, there is no value. Therefore, human life is nothing but love filled with sacrifice and sacrifice filled with love.

Whenever you encounter poor people, help them in some way. Worship and sacrifices are not required for God. Helping others is a greater worship. All of you keep saying that you love Swami; just loving Swami is not enough. You should also develop a sense of sacrifice. You should help those who are suffering. Sacrifice and love add value to human life. Whichever place, whatever time, whatever may be the circumstances, when you see somebody suffering, help them, that is the worship you are offering Me. To the extent possible, help others. When you think of others, forgetting yourselves, God will think of you and look after you. All of you should transform yourselves into men and women of sacrifice.

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