Maha Shivaratri Evening Discourse – Summary of Divine Discourse on 07 March, 2016

 Know the significance of Lingam to move from Form to Formless worship of God

Lord is the Eternal One; He has no beginning, no end and nothing called the middle that is the life. On the Mahashivaratri day, we worship the lingam form of God. A linga does not have a beginning, end or a middle. Because of the shape of the lingam, wherever you start from, ultimately you will reach back to that point only.

Human beings with body consciousness can understand God only when He comes down with a name and a form. But the original and true nature of God is formlessness. After worshipping ‘God with a form’ if you want to experience ‘God without a form’, worshipping the lingam is the intermediary. If you want to move from the form to the formless, it is necessary to understand the lingam.

This Shivaratri is a very auspicious night. Since the shape of the moon has diminished completely, the impact of the moon on the mind is very less. Therefore, this is the right time for us to transcend and conquer the mind and experience the One, who has no attributes. For whole of creation, mind is the fundamental basis. Mind is what is responsible for our bondage as well as liberation. Our experience depends on how we utilise our mind. When the mind is focused only on the body, you will only develop body consciousness and body attachment. When you focus the mind on the divine or the atma, you can develop divine consciousness. What you need to do this whole of night is you have to focus your mind completely.

The mind which always goes outwards, it should be made to go inwards. Outside what you see is only bhukthi. And when you turn in inward, it becomes bhakthi. From worldly attachments, we should develop attachment to God. If you think you want your mind not to be attached to anything, it is like telling children, “You don’t go outside and play; you don’t play inside also.” We have to provide them chances to play inside… This is the way we can control the mind. When mind goes outside, it is always attached to the ego and attachments – I, I, I… instead of that, allow the mind to go inside and say Sai, Sai, Sai.

When the bhajan happens now, to the extent possible, remain inside the hall, focus your mind on every name, every form and enjoy the divine bliss. When you chant the name, think and visualise the form, which the name represents.

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