Offer gratitude to God through selfless service – Summary of Divine Discourse on 31 January, 2016

From dawn or dusk, your heart continues to beat: that is the basis of all your life, all your activity. All of you are sitting here your inhalation and exhalation – does not take place because of your effort, it happens because of God’s Will. The food that you eat gets digested because of the Will of God and gives you nourishment: you are not doing anything to digest the food. If you analyse in a very subtle way, you will recognise that all things happening in the world are because of Divine Will and not because of your effort. But man, utilising all that which is created by God is feeling very proud and arrogant about his knowledge.

We offer our gratitude to all men and women who help us but we don’t offer gratitude to God who has given us everything free of cost. God is giving us all this in abundance – the five elements and the sunlight with so much of love. We should think for a while how grateful we should be to God. In what way can we offer gratitude to God? The best way to love God is to love everyone and to serve everyone. Rivers flow serving others; cows yield milk in order to help others; trees bear fruits in order to help others; similarly this body is given to us to help others. God has given this body not to decorate it and to bloat with pride and arrogance. The body is the basis of all righteous activity.

The true dharma of man – true Manava Dharma – is to be good even to those who hate us and who treat us with contempt and jealousy. A river is flowing. River does not differentiate between one and another: the river does not differentiate whether a bird, a beast, an animal or a man drinks water from the river.  The life of the river itself is service. The river serves everyone with great love and ultimately merges in the ocean. Therefore if you analyse properly in Nature we can see the principle of divinity. God is nothing but love, love, love. He does not calculate giving and receiving. He loves everyone and grants everyone what they need without any sense of differentiation. The same principle we can see in the Nature also. Because man is a child of Nature, the qualities of Nature should pervade his actions and thoughts. When Nature is serving everyone absolutely selflessly then why should not man do that? Wherever there is selflessness there is divinity.

All these volunteers have big jobs and great responsibilities in cities like Banagalore, Hyderabad and Vizag; but they come here selflessly and do the service. Many of our alumni and alumnae, are selflessly coming here and doing service. Why are they doing it? It is only to offer their gratitude to Swami. Man is a limb of society. He lives in society, takes everything from society, leads a happy life; at the same time, he has to also offer his gratitude to society. But the highest thing that we can do in our life is to offer our gratitude to God always.

It is not just we love those people who love us; it is not that just we serve those people who serve us; we have to love everyone, we have to serve everyone. We should develop broad mindedness to think that everybody belongs to us and love everyone and serve everyone: that will be our gratitude to God.