Only God is Permanent – Summary Divine Discourse on 17 November 2016

What we think exists does not really exist; what we think does not exist, is what really exists. What exists is God and God alone; the world does not exist. That is the truth that all of you have to recognise. This world is nothing but the shadow of God. If you go behind the shadow and try to grab it, you will never get it. Only when you lay your hands on the real object, you can enjoy it. The whole world is nothing but a reflection of God. It is not the Truth. God is only the entity which is eternal, permanent, steady and is all the time there.

The world is ever changing every moment. The man who is the cause for the shadow is not changing; only the shadow is changing. The man is not longer in the morning, shorter at noon or longer in the evening. But depending on what time of the day it is, the shadow keeps changing in its length. God is changeless and He is ever existing, permanent and eternal but His reflection – the world- keeps changing. Based on this, the Bhagavad Gita says, after having got into this world which is full of misery and which is temporary, you have to adore Me.

One moment the mind is very happy but next moment it becomes very sad. One moment our mind is filled with peace and the next moment it is filled with restlessness. The body also keeps changing – from birth until death. Those things which change cannot be permanent. That is why this world is called Jagat in Sanskrit. Ja and Gat – coming and going – that is its truth.

God is the owner of all the names, of all the forms. He is the embodiment of Satchitananda – Truth, Being, Awareness, Bliss- and He is also the personification of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Because God is there, this world exists. If there is no God, the world cannot exist. If there is no object, naturally there cannot be the shadow. But if you want the real object, you should not focus your mind on the shadow, you should focus your mind on the object. The truth is God is the only Truth and He is the basis of the world. If you can win over God, you can win over the whole world because it is His shadow. Children should not develop mean desires: I want this, I want that in the world. If you seek God with the intention I want only God, because God owns the whole world, the whole world also will become yours. All the pleasures of the world will become tasteless if you don’t have love for God. Love for God is true devotion. Students should develop high aspirations such as: I want God – instead of developing meaner desires for the world. If you have this one desire for God, everything else will become yours.

When you look at all these lamps, you notice one light of the electric power. Similarly all men, women, bird or beast, is the same light of God which shines in them. Therefore, if you say that you love God, you have to love everyone. The best way to love God is to love all and serve all. All activity that we involve ourselves in should be under taken in order to purify the mind. When we participate in selfless activities, the mind becomes peaceful. Love is theory and service is practice.