It is your birthright to attain immortality – Summary Divine Discourse on 19 November 2016 – Evening Session

When you were born, you were all children of immortality – Amrutaputrulu– the nectarine, godly beings. As you grew up, you developed worldly desires,filled your mind with sensual cravings and became poisonous. This is the truth, which is the essence of all the Shrutis or Vedas and that is the word of Sai.

Every drop of rain that comes down from the sky will ultimately reach the ocean. The rain drops that come down from the skies are pure. However, when rain drops fall on earth, the qualities of the earth join water. The rain drops which come down absolutely pure, and once they touch the earth, they become tainted and polluted by the colour, taste and smell of earth. Similarly, man who is nothing but the embodiment of the attributeless Atman, develops many qualities because of his company with the body. What is the reason? It is because of the company he keeps. Man becomes poisonous because he develops worldly desires.

When the mind is filled with worldly desires, it is full of inertia – Tamasik qualities. You can conquer Tamasik  qualities with Rajasik qualities. Even Rajasik qualities can be controlled through Satvik qualities.  Therefore, if you want to purify your mind, some spiritual effort or Sadhana is required. When the mind gets into worldly matters, naturally some of the pollution of the world will get into it. Like how you wash soiled clothes, you can also clean up the soiled mind. The polluted mind can be cleaned with the soap of service and water of love. When we practise service and love, we can purify the polluted mind.

Your true nature is God. How can you lose yourself? You are That, That is yourself. You are children of immortality. That is your real nature. But because of worldly desires, you get tainted. If you clean up your mind properly and wash it, you can get back your blissful nature. If you want to purify the mind, service is very important. You have to remove the evil quality of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and develop the broad quality of ‘we’ and ‘ours’.

What does your breath tell you? Your breath keeps on telling you So-ham 21,600 times every day. We forget the truth. Out of ignorance, we think that we are the body. So-ham means I am That. I am God. That is the truth. Once you steady yourself in the belief that you are God, then you will get rid of the untrue feeling that you are the body and the mind.

Divine grace showers on everybody equally. Depending on your effort, you will get the right kind of experience. At your tender age, when you are young, the body is strong, mind is tender, heart is full of love – that is the time when you should take to Sadhana. Even if you don’t do any Sadhana, just chanting the name of God that you love is good enough. In this world, life is temporary, youth and wealth are temporary, wife and children are temporary; only Truth and good reputation are permanent.

It is your birthright to attain immortality. We are the very embodiments of immortality. First and foremost, be in good company; run away from bad company. When you are in good company, you will get good thoughts; when you have good thoughts, naturally you will speak good words. When you speak good words, you will do good action. When you do good actions, you will develop good character. When you have good character, naturally you have a good destiny. Therefore, only when you get into good company and develop good thoughts, you can reach your destination. Giving up effort in the middle and returning is not the quality of a true devotee. All of us have come here and we have the desire to achieve it. We should not give up in the middle without achieving.