The purpose of all activity is purification of the mind – Summary Divine Discourse on 20 November 2016 – Evening

The world in which we are born is a land of action. Therefore, we cannot escape from performing action. But with what motivation should we do all our actions? The purpose of all activity is purification of the mind. We need to take up such an activity, which will help us to purify our mind and give up such activity that binds us to attachment.

We may think that we are performing all our actions through this body. However, the mind rules over all the organs and senses and performs actions through the body. This car – the body – has a driver, the mind. If the mind takes this body wherever it wants, it will lead to danger. Mind is always dragged by cravings of the senses for the pleasures of the world. For the driver (the mind), there is the Master, which is the heart. That is Consciousness or Divinity. If the driver (mind) obeys the master (Divinity), we can definitely reach our ultimate destination of Dharma or Divinity. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts or desires. Only when we are able to train the mind we can take it in the right direction.

It is natural that you want to earn money in order to look after the needs of the body. There is nothing wrong about it. It is only means of livelihood, Jeevanopadhi. But there is something called Jeevitaparamavadi , the ultimate goal of life. You becoming a doctor or an engineer is only a means of livelihood. But the ultimate goal of life is to realise your divinity. The true Dharma is the Hridaya Dharma, the Dharma of the heart. When the noise of the mind is reduced, you can listen to the voice of the heart or the Atma. When you are haunted by a question or a doubt, what you need to do, is to sit down, silence your mind and do some meditation, then your heart – the voice of the Atma or Divinity – will be heard and you will know what you have to do at that particular point of time.

Don’t compare yourself with others; compare yourself with yourself asking a question: Am I better than yesterday? Have I developed purity? Have I developed good qualities? One who gives you the right direction is the Guru; He is your guide. The Guru or guide tells you “If you want to fill your life with happiness and joy, this is the way you have to conduct yourselves.” If you don’t obey him, you think you will do things on your own, can you reach your destination? The true Divine Master- Sadguru-  is one and is within everyone. God in His formless aspect, pervades everybody in the universe. At every step, if we seek the guidance of God, definitely no dangers will encounter us.

There are three things, which you should know: One, action, second, the one who does the action, and third, the cause of action. The life force is His gift and through this life force, you are able to do everything. The gift of God should not be wasted. We have to utilise it well. We should not waste our life. You have to use your discrimination before you get into action. You have to ask a question: will this activity take me nearer to God or away from God? Also we have to discriminate whether it will give me only temporary happiness or permanent joy. There are two paths. Preyo Marga means the pleasant one, that which is pleasant to you at this moment, and Shreyo Margo, that is really good for you. You have to reduce the noise of the mind and listen to the voice of the heart. You have to tune the radio to the right station. When you vacillate between the world station and God station, there is going to be confusion in your mind. At this young age, all of you can learn this easily.