No reason for love, no season for love: love loves for its own sake – Summary Divine Discourse on November 23, 2016 – Morning

The whole of creation has emerged from love. Ultimately, the whole of creation will merge back into love. There is not a place in this universe, which is not impacted by the power of love. And if you want to know the essence of all Divinity, it is nothing but pure, absolute and selfless love. When your vision is filled with love, you will see the whole creation as God, as Brahma, as love. For this eternal principle of love, there is no beginning, no end, and no middle.

God shines forth in every heart as the effulgence of love, as the effulgence of the Atma. He has no death, He has no birth, He has no beginning and no end. He can neither be killed nor can He die. The body may come and go but love that we share with others through this body is permanent and it will live even after we die.  Like a Divine magnet, this Divine love attracts everyone to itself. A flower with honey in its bosom, need not invite bees; bees will come by themselves.  Similarly, wherever there is this Divine selfless, pure love, devotees who aspire to experience that love will come without invitation.

Many people come and tell Me, “Swami, You are establishing so many educational institutions, so many hospitals and You are doing so much for humanity. It is possible only for You.” But truly I do nothing. I am just a witness. The love in Me is doing everything. Develop selfless love. That is all I want from you and nothing else.  When I experience the love of My children who are here, I lose Myself in bliss. I look at the love that emerges in the pure hearts of My devotees. I lose Myself and go back to My original, primordial Divine nature. I am doing everything in order to teach you this lesson of love, this value of love. I don’t have birth, death or any bondage. No reason for love, no season for love, no birth, no death.

Love flows for its own sake; love loves for its own sake.  Many people talk about the golden age. But where is this golden age? When you develop golden love in your hearts, the golden age will make its advent. The love in your hearts is the testimony to the golden age. . When you fill your hearts with love, you will see only love everywhere and nothing else. Love all, Serve all. Love cannot remain quiet. It keeps flowing. It serves everyone. It loves everyone. Today you put in effort and resolve that you are going to fill your life with this kind of pure, selfless, Divine love. Love has no fear.  Love does not know selfishness. Divine love is eternal, ever flowing, ever blissful and infinite. Wherever there is love in the heart, I am present there. If you want to attain fulfilment in this human life, you need to conquer and achieve this kind of Divine love. All of you are the embodiments of Divine Atma, Divinity and love.