True education is education for the body, mind and spirit – Summary of Divine Discourse on 17 January, 2016

The word ‘vidya’ has two syllables: vid and ya; ‘vid’ means to know and ‘ya’ means that – to know that. What is that we should know? We should know the truth. What is that truth? Who are you and what your inner truth is: to know this is true education. The pursuit of education all over the world is to know whatever is happening outside in the world; no effort is made to know what is happening inside us. Only when we turn our mind inward and control our body and senses to some extent can we understand this truth.

But if you want to turn the mind inward, the first essential thing is to have the power of concentration. Compared to elders, power of concentration in students these days is diminishing. Study is required to make us steady. When you have both bookish knowledge and practical knowledge, then you have general knowledge. Apart from studying books, you should involve yourself in sports, games, music, cultural activity, fine arts etc.

If you expect your children to look after you with love when you become old, you should look after them with love when they are younger. If you don’t spend your quality time on your children now, then later on when they grow up they will not get any time for you. Look at a home, inside what is happening nobody has any time to talk to each other. You should adjust in such a way that you are able to lead your life at lower cost and don’t hanker after earning more money. In order to give back the loans taken, they go to jobs. They do more and more work – overtime work. Because of the overtime work, they do not find any time to spend at home. Because of this, the plight of children is getting worse day by day.

In our educational institutions, we teach everything to our students. Because the students are brought up with so much of love, they also develop the qualities of love, patience and goodness. Therefore, we have to grant education to the children combining body, mind and spirit. Only when we look after the body well, through the body we can walk on the dharmic path. Therefore, along with good nutritious food, yoga, sports and games are also required. We teach all these to the students in our institutions.

There are no bad children; only bad parents and bad teachers. Society without proper education will definitely be ruined. We are teaching children only competition and not a sense of co-operation. Here we are teaching them that everyone is a brother and everyone is a sister. When one child greets another child with the word ‘Sai Ram’ what it means is that the Sai in me is saluting the Ram in you. The most important thing required in the human personality is a heart filled with compassion. If the education does not teach compassion, it is no education at all.

Through sports also you can learn good discipline, equanimity and team spirit. Today, you may be learning it on the sports field; tomorrow you will use it in the life: Life is a game! What you learn on the playground, you can utilise it in your lives. Pain and gain, happiness and sorrow, success and failure keep coming to us in our lives. True devotion is to take everything with a sense of equanimity and equal mindedness.

I know for the upcoming Sports Meet all our students are putting in great effort. When the children, the students, the boys and girls from Gulbarga, Mandya or Jeypura, Bagalkot and Bijapura come here, you should develop the feeling that all our brothers and sisters have come here. After winning one or two prizes, you should give opportunity to other students. Swami is happy only when a large number of students win prizes. Only then everybody will develop self-confidence. I desire that all the students will not only participate in the external activities of Sports and Cultural Meet, but also do something for their inner beings by developing good feelings like love, patience, compassion and co-operation.