Sports Meet – An occasion to teach greater lesson in life – Summary of Divine Discourse on 30 January, 2016

Soul of education is the education of the soul. Without this kind of education, all these large institutions are just well-decorated dead bodies without life. It is not just enough if you build large buildings, provide all kinds of facilities for education, sports, and cultural activities. The most important aspect of our educational institutions is the soul of education which is Daiva Priti (love for God).

There may be a lot of water inside a tank but if the pipes are blocked and the taps are faulty, water will not pass and reach the needy. Man’s potential is unlimited for he is divine. His heart is full of divinity and therefore it is unlimited. But just like these blockages in the pipes which do not allow the water to flow, the ego and attachment in man do not allow the Divine Grace, the Divine Power to flow through them and therefore limits it.

In those days when there was no one to believe that Swami was back and Swami was building institutions, these people believed with all their courage and faith and went ahead with the beginning of this holy work. Where there is faith, there is no scope for fear. Where there is complete surrender, there is no worry. First and foremost, give up the ego and attachments that you have and let My Will flow through you incessantly and then My Glory will spread all around. You alone can limit My Grace flowing through you; you alone are the limitation to this noble work. In those difficult times, they stood by Swami’s side and carried out every single command that Swami had given. The result today is this wonderful gathering of students, not merely from one Gulbarga campus but from many campuses.

All these institutions, children, teachers, administrators, they are all like the shadows of the object that Swami is. If they are here today, as the reflection of Swami, it means that the source or object – Swami – must be around. Till now you are known because of this institution, because of Swami. Tomorrow when you step out, Swami and these institutions will be known because of you. If you look after the education and help even another child in distress, I would feel fulfilled that our efforts have not gone in waste.

It is very easy to remain good in an atmosphere of protection like this, where you are protected from all the negativities. But as you go out, you will have the influence of many factors, many things which are very prevalent in the society today. Therefore, make your minds strong, full of devotion for God, full of faith in God and withstand the onslaught of such influences that will come your way in a short while.

Annual Sports and Cultural Meet is just an occasion to teach you the greater lessons of life and not just the lessons of living. Life is a game, life is a challenge; you will see. Once you win, once you lose, once you gain, once you lose. But in whichever circumstance, accepting it with humility as God’s prasadam or God’s gift is extremely important to lead a life of peace. When you lose, don’t lose hope; have faith that there is another opportunity for you to win again. Therefore, in the times of victory do not swell up with pride and ego. Learn from the mistakes that you have made and do it better the next time. Never forget to pay your gratitude, to convey your thanks to those who have helped you in your times of need. Always remember that one person alone can never be happy; his happiness lies in the happiness of all around him. And when all such people are happy that is when God can be happy.

I only seek one thing from you, My students! Give Me the honour and the pride of telling the world that “Look there, these are my students!” Live your lives not only here but wherever you are in accordance with Swami’s words and be assured that success, glory, name, everything will follow.

Swami is with you, in you, above you, below you, around you; He is all the time with you. Talk to Me, speak to Me; close your eyes, think of Me and I will always be there to guide you, to guard you. Once you remember me, I will be there right by your side to listen to what you have to say, to guide you in what you are asking for.