We are not the Body; we are not the Mind; we are Consciousness – Summary of Divine Discourse on 4th February, 2016

From dawn to dusk, whenever we meet anyone, there is one question that we ask – “Who are you?” But not even for once we ask ourselves the question “Who am I?” Nobody desires to know “Am I the body? Am I the mind? Am I just the conglomeration of senses?” Vedanta tells us – the ultimate knowledge of the Vedas – “We are not the body, we are not the mind, we are not the senses. I am Shiva who is the embodiment of Chit, Ananda – Consciousness and Bliss.

There is some subtle inner significance when I call someone as ‘Bangaru’. You don’t get anything out of gold; it is like any other inert matter like a stone. The gold ore, which we get from the bowels of the earth is just like the stone. But in order to get gold, you need to transform it, melt it and processes it to get the real gold. Only when we remove all the impurities, we are going to get the absolutely pure gold, a very little quantity. In human life, we experience three qualities: tamasik, rajasik and satvik. Tamasik qualities are equivalent to the animal qualities. Animals are interested only in food, sleep, procreation and fear. Even if one crosses over the tamasik quality of inertia, there is the rajasik quality. There are two types of rajasik qualities: I and mine – ego and attachment. When you transcend rajasik qualities, you will the attain satvik quality. When you have the satvik quality, you will know that all are one and you experience this kind of unity. When you develop this satvik quality, you will realise that you are the atma, you are divine. Just like how pure gold is available along with a stone, the satvik quality is also hidden in the tamasik and rajasik qualities.

It is a big mistake to think “I have to attain liberation from somewhere.” You are the very embodiment of the atma. You are ever pure, ever blissful and ancient. Because in your personality many evil qualities have got in, that is why you are not able to realize your divinity. The true effort on our part is not reading or writing about divinity but to believe in divinity. When you just believe in the mantra ‘I am divine’ and keep on chanting it with conviction, definitely you will become divine.

Where there is love, there is no trouble. When you develop such pure and divine love, then you can lead a very joyful life. First thing you need to believe you are divine and behave accordingly; then you really will be on the right line. Therefore, your first duty is to find out and realize that you are divine.