The form and formless aspects of the Divine – Summary of Divine Discourse on 05 March, 2016

God’s three attributes are truth, auspiciousness and beauty. Just by looking at the reflection in the mirror, you get to know what kind of person he or she is, in the same way by experiencing Truth, Goodness and Beauty in a place, you know the presence of God.

Sweets have a form but sweetness by itself has no form. The one who has not tasted any sweet will not understand what sweetness is. God who has no form, who has no name, who cannot be understood by senses, acquires names and forms so that the devotees can understand and experience Him to an extent. God takes many forms and names in order to be available to His devotees for an experience. This is the greatness of the culture of India, of the principles of Sanathana Dharma, which propagates that there is only one Truth, there is only one God and He is described by various people of wisdom in different ways. God takes many names and forms according to your likes. To the one who wants to worship Him as Rama, He appears as Rama; to some as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah.

This day is a very significant day. Shiva is a special incarnation of the formless aspect of God. For all other Gods and Goddesses are worshipped only as a person or as a being with a certain form. Shiva is worshipped in a special way in the form of a lingam. He teaches us both about the form and the formless aspect of the divine. The Shivalinga stands in between the two aspects of the form and formless and motivates us to graduate from the form to the formless aspect. Shivaratri is the night when Shiva is worshipped all through the night. All that is below the mind can be only experienced as a form. But the formless aspect of God can be understood only when you go beyond your mind. Ultimately, you experience that shivatatva (essence of Shiva) within yourself and are freed from all these arguments based on logic.

Today, we established and reinstalled the glorious temple in this village of Maradevanahalli and there is a reason for it. The old, dilapidated Gavisiddeshwara temple was like an old mirror, poorly reflecting the glory of the Lord. Today, it has acquired a new mirror that shines and reflects the glory of Lord in its truest essence.

A lotus will grow only in water not in a desert. Likewise, only where there is devotion, the heart is fertile to absorb and grow the plants of human values, namely sathya, dharma, shanthi, prema, ahimsa. Otherwise, only the cactus plants of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya will grow. I am very happy with the growth that the educational institution in Mandya is making; children are learning many other things apart from just academic education. They are excelling in sports, in music, in arts, in dance. This gives Me great joy. Devotion to God is the sweetness in everything that you do which adds the real taste and gives it real identity.

My blessings are there with the people who have built this temple and offered their services to the people of the village, to all the students and teachers and elders who have worked day and night to ensure that this is open well in time before Shivaratri.

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