The Power of Sound – every word is divine – Summary of Divine Discourse on 10 March, 2016

When you talk too much, you spoil your mind; when you talk very less, it is a good for the mind. That is why every one of us should cultivate the art of speaking very less in a very pleasant way. In vedas, God is described as – shabdabrahmamayee characharamayee – that is, sound is equivalent to the divine Himself.

The fundamental element is the space; space is nothing but a kind of vibration. What is that vibration in the space? That is nothing but the sound of Om. The space is the fundamental component of every other element such as wind, water, fire and earth; therefore, every element has the vibration of Omkar in that. From the earth, emerged the plant world and from plants comes the food; from food emerges man. Therefore, the vibration of Omkar, which is there in the earth manifests itself first in the plants, then in the food and finally in man himself. So, in every human being vibration of Om happens relentlessly, 24X7. When you move away from the din and bustle of the world and take to solitude and turn your mind inward, you can listen to the sound of Omkar within yourself.

Omkar is the basic sound, which is the basis of all sounds and all languages. Therefore, whenever we speak, we should understand and recognise the fact, it is not that we are speaking a language but we are utilising the fundamental divine sound of Omkar and conversing with others. When we do not use our words judiciously and properly, it leads to all kinds of conflicts and bickering. Only when we remember that every word is divine, you will use it in a divine way. God has given us this tongue in order to chant the name of God.

Speak the truth, speak what is pleasant, and don’t speak truth in a blunt or a harsh way. We can give joy and happiness to our friends and relatives only if we use the tongue properly. Even partaking of food happens through the tongue. The tongue has the dual function of eating and speaking. So, in both eating and talking, we have to exercise control.

The meaning of ashrama itself is love. Where there is no ‘shrama’ or no difficulty that is ashrama. Where there is love, there cannot be any trouble. Therefore, in the ashram, we should always use very loving and very compassionate words and refrain from using harsh words. Whomever you rebuke, the rebuke goes to God. Whomever you salute, that salutation goes to God. Therefore, whoever comes, we have to speak to them with love.

When we behave with love with others, others also will also love. A lot of devotees come and tell Swami, “We love You so much”, but have they thought where did they get that love from? That love has emerged from Swami. It is Swami’s love which is getting reflected in your heart and spreading to others. Every word we speak, every action we do should emerge from love. When everybody is happy, Swami is also happy. You are all the limbs of Swami. When all the limbs are happy, the whole body will be happy. I bless and aspire that all of you would practice this.

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