What is the true goal of our life? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 03 October 2016

God is closer to you than your mother and is more intimate with you than your father. It is true that we get this human body because of our father and mother, but man is not only the body. You are not one but three – what you think you are is the body; what others think you are is the mind and what you really are, your real nature, is the Atma.

There is no doubt that it is parents, who give you the body. But who purifies our mind, leads us to get absolute purity is the Guru and the One who transcends even beyond the Guru is God. In order to reach our true destination in life, father, mother and Guru should help us. Mother shows the father. Father shows the Guru. The Guru takes you nearer to God. Therefore, all the three- father, mother and Guru will have to play their role in taking the child towards God. A mother, who does not help you go nearer to God is not playing her role properly. A father, who becomes an obstacle to his son or daughter on the way to God cannot be called a true father. A Guru who becomes an obstacle in the path of your God realisation, is not playing his role properly and cannot be called a Guru. The true relationship is the divine relationship. All others are only bondages.

When a man gets immersed in bondage, he cannot attain bliss in life. When we turn our mind from the body towards the Atma, we get all the joy and bliss in life. Therefore, if somebody asks you the question “Who is you father? Who is your mother?” you should say “My father and mother is God.” Because your real nature is divinity or Atma and the father and mother of the Atma is God. Through the body, we practise Dharma. Therefore, those who grant you this body are really great. We should respect them, show our gratitude to them and give them joy. You have to look after them with respect, love and reverence. We should not be narrow-minded to think of only ‘I and mine’. We should develop a broad mind and think that everybody belongs to us. Therefore, not only me, all of us will have to enter the path of God and develop devotion.

What is the true goal of our life? It is not attaining wealth, power, position, name and fame. The first duty is to know your divinity. The duty of parents is to take children towards God. The duty of children is to take parents towards God. The relationship between parents and children is true only when they take both towards God. Similarly your friends, your teachers should take you nearer to God and not away from God. That will be a good relationship. That is good company. All those relationships, which take us away from God are bondages.

During Navaratri, worship both Shiva and Shakthi. Shiva is the Atma. Shakthi is the basis of nature. The combination of Atma and nature is our life. Shiva grants us the Atma. And Prakruthi grants us this body and mind. Therefore, the synthesis and harmony of Shiva and Shakthi is the basis of parents. If you ask yourself the question – who is your true father and mother, the answer is it is only God. Even your nature is divine. If you are always involved in good activity, the merit earned by you will be definitely helpful to your parents. Similarly, in the Punya earned by your parents, you will also have a share. Therefore, day and night you should involve yourself in good activity.

Parents are always concerned about the happiness of their children. Even children are praying that their parents should be happy. It is a big mistake to think that you can find this happiness in worldly wealth and pleasures. You can find temporary happiness there but not permanent bliss. The life in the world is temporary. Our youth and wealth are temporary. Wife and children are temporary. Only truth is permanent. Steady and permanent joy is only in proximity to God and nowhere else. If you experience that joy even once, you will know that all other happiness is tasteless. Therefore, all your relationships should be based on the Atma. It is God who can bestow upon us this Atma. He is our true father, true mother. 

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