What is true love? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 5 June 2016

For fire, heat is its nature. For water, coolness is its nature. For human beings, the true nature is love. But we need to understand love in its many ways and forms. The love between a mother and a child is maternal love, between husband and wife, it can be referred to as attachment. Between two friends, it is friendliness. The love between a teacher and student manifests as selfless service. These are all different lower forms of love but it is necessary to understand what true love is.

In true love, there is no question of giving and accepting. Love knows only giving and never receiving. Any love that expects something in return, cannot be true love. Only selfless love, which arises in our hearts spontaneously, flows towards everybody and serves everybody can be called true love. We do love others but once we desire something from the people whom we love, it cannot remain true love – it becomes attachment. We have taken this human birth in order to learn this true love. Love keeps expanding all the time and never contracts. Broadness of mind is a hallmark of true love. Love desires only one thing – happiness and joy of everyone.

You have to recognise the fact that when everyone is happy, your happiness is there too. If you want to be happy, you have to make others happy. You can become brothers in the true sense only when you can derive joy from others’ success. Sharing others’ sorrows and joys is the nature of true brotherhood. Developing the feeling of Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God is real brotherhood. Love gives and forgives. Self gets and forgets. Whatever others may do, we have to follow our dharma. It is better that we die practising our dharma than following somebody else’s dharma. Only when you practise the dharma of selfless love, you can call yourself human beings.

 You have to shower love on everybody – whether others criticise you or hate you or love you, it is not of any matter to you. You have to keep doing your work. You should have friendliness and compassion for everybody. You should always be content and have complete control over the mind. Only such a devotee is very dear to God. A dear devotee – one who is very dear to God – is one who unifies his thought, words and deed and offers everything to God. You have to respect everybody whether others respect us or not. Only when you practise your dharma, can you be referred to as human beings. The dharma of love is the atma dharma and it is the eternal dharma. Why so many lakhs of people follow Me, practise what I say and love Me? It is because I practise the dharma of love all the time. If you have selfless love with you all the time, all things will find fulfilment.

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