Divine Discourse Summaries

DivineDiscoursePicAfter 85 years of living His life as His message, Sri Sathya Sai Baba decided to shed His Physical Body on April 24th 2011. However, His earthly sojourn did not end there, nor did His mission. Soon after, He announced His continued presence in the Subtle Body and also His intention to hasten the process of transformation from man to divine. In His own words His message is –

“Whether I am in the body or not, the purpose is just the same. It has not changed. Whether I was Rama or Krishna or Allah or Jesus or Buddha – the purpose has always remained the same. I have come for transformation of the human heart, and I continue to do that. If there were circumstances in which I could have stayed in the physical body, I would have continued to do the same. There would not have been any change. The destination is the transformation of human into Divine.”

These are the compilation of summaries of His Divine messages in subtle form to the humanity.

What is the relationship between education and society? - Divine Discourse Summary - May 07, 2017

The society helps educate you and after having got the education, you serve the society. Thus, when we serve each other, it will become possible to establish peace in society.

Why aren't men and women equal? - Divine Discourse Summary - May 06, 2017

People are talking about the equality of men and women, But that's not possible. Women are not equal to men. They are better and higher than men.

Service is the way to find fulfillment in life - Divine Discourse Summary - May 04, 2017

My mission will always continue because of the power of selfless love. If you participate in this mission, you will find fulfilment in your lives.

How to make the world happy again? April 20, 2017 - Divine Discourse Summary

You should pray in your heart, and serve with your hands. When you do this, the whole world will again be full of happiness and peace.

What should we desire always - Divine Discourse Summary - March 30, 2017

Just like how you exchange all the heavy coins for one currency note, exchange all your desires with one desire: I want only God.

Seva Sadan Bhoomi Pooja - Divine Discourse Summary - March 29, 2017

Work is done to purify the mind. So, we should choose such activities which will lead to purification of our mind. Therefore, the process is to transform all the work we do into worship. Then duty itself becomes God.

Ugadi Message - Divine Discourse Summary - March 29, 2017

Without desire for the fruits, offering our actions to God is Karma Yoga. Loving God is Bhakti Yogaand knowing God exists in everyone and so I should serve all is Gyana Yoga. Service has all the three; there is nothing higher than that.

How to live in the awareness of our divinity? - Divine Discourse Summary - March 12, 2017

When we turn our feelings of selfishness into selflessness, immediately we can realise our Divinity. If we can give up our selfishness, we can recognise this Truth.

What is Dharma? - Divine Discourse Summary - March 09, 2017

The Dharma of love or Prema Dharma is higher than all types of Dharma. The basis of all Dharmas is this love or Prema.