Divine Discourse Summaries

DivineDiscoursePicAfter 85 years of living His life as His message, Sri Sathya Sai Baba decided to shed His Physical Body on April 24th 2011. However, His earthly sojourn did not end there, nor did His mission. Soon after, He announced His continued presence in the Subtle Body and also His intention to hasten the process of transformation from man to divine. In His own words His message is –

“Whether I am in the body or not, the purpose is just the same. It has not changed. Whether I was Rama or Krishna or Allah or Jesus or Buddha – the purpose has always remained the same. I have come for transformation of the human heart, and I continue to do that. If there were circumstances in which I could have stayed in the physical body, I would have continued to do the same. There would not have been any change. The destination is the transformation of human into Divine.”

These are the compilation of summaries of His Divine messages in subtle form to the humanity.

How can we best utilize the body given to us? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 03, 2017

Put every effort to utilise every moment in order to become closer to your Divine reality. This body has to be used in service of others.

How are you contributing to create the golden age? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 02, 2017

Consider yourself absolutely blessed for you have gained this opportunity which does not come to even sages and Yogis despite many births of yearning and meditation. It has come to you singularly by Swami's compassion and grace.

How should Sai alumni use their time? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 30, 2017

To all the alumni boys and girls, this is my call! Grow up to become like Me. You are unlimited, you are infinite, you are eternal! You are not born to be bound and live a limited life of sorrow and misery. You are born to lead a life like that of Swami - free and blissful.

How can we invite God into our hearts? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra, Muddenahalli - July 23, 2017 (Morning)

Do everything for the love of God and offer everything to God. It will make sure that your path is always lit up.

What is the aim of our educational institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 23, 2017

Teachers should feel student is God. Serve the students as if you are serving Swami. And students should aim to achieve ultimate selflessness when they graduate from our institutions.

How can we attain purity of mind? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 20, 2017

Do Seva without a tinge of selfishness. This will bring you nearer to divinity. When selfless love blossoms in you, you attain purity of mind.

How should we offer our gratitude to the Guru? – Divine Discourse Summary – Guru Purnima, July 09, 2017

Offer your gratitude to your Guru by practicing his teachings. Move from body consciousness to Divine consciousness and ultimately achieve vision of oneness.

How can we transform our Gunas to help us become selfless? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 02, 2017

The body, the mind, the senses should be constantly engaged in positive action yet there should be complete detachment from all expectations.

Aim to be good and not great - Divine Discourse Summary - June 04, 2017

You should not lose and waste your time in vain talk, idle talking and should always use your time well. Don't waste time. Don't waste money. Don't waste energy. Don't waste life.