Divine Discourse Summaries

DivineDiscoursePicAfter 85 years of living His life as His message, Sri Sathya Sai Baba decided to shed His Physical Body on April 24th 2011. However, His earthly sojourn did not end there, nor did His mission. Soon after, He announced His continued presence in the Subtle Body and also His intention to hasten the process of transformation from man to divine. In His own words His message is –

“Whether I am in the body or not, the purpose is just the same. It has not changed. Whether I was Rama or Krishna or Allah or Jesus or Buddha – the purpose has always remained the same. I have come for transformation of the human heart, and I continue to do that. If there were circumstances in which I could have stayed in the physical body, I would have continued to do the same. There would not have been any change. The destination is the transformation of human into Divine.”

These are the compilation of summaries of His Divine messages in subtle form to the humanity.

What should we pray for from Ganesha? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 24, 2017

Ganesha signifies that realisation which comes that you are manifested in the Prakriti but your ultimate source is Purusha.

What should a Sai student achieve? - Divine Discourse Summary - Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenhalli - August 20, 2017

Your service begins right here and now; you don't have to grow up to become somebody to start doing service.

What made Indian culture thrive throughout the ages? - Divine Discourse Summary- August 20, 2017

As long as the Indians believe in God, have faith in God and respect the Divinity in everything and everyone, India shall continue to live - not only live but thrive.

When you serve in Swami’s mission, what happens to your worldly duties? - Divine Discourse Summary - Inauguration of Sai Ashraya - August 17, 2017

If you serve My devotees, it is My responsibility and it is My pleasure to serve you. Therefore, you have to look after My devotees well, I will look after you, your family and everything that belongs to you.

What is the secret to achieving your desires? - Divine Discourse Summary - August 17, 2017

Desires will keep on multiplying as you achieve them and life is wasted in its pursuit. Being contented with what we have is the real secret to happiness.

On this Independence Day, can you consider yourself free? - Divine Discourse Summary – August 15, 2017

On this sacred day, fill your hearts with this great pride of being an Indian - beat your chest and proclaim it to the world that we are Indians and our culture is Indian culture, our language is language of heart, our caste is caste of humanity and our God is one who is omnipresent.

Why don’t we experience love and bliss in the form of Krishna? - Divine Discourse Summary – August 14, 2017

We have to purify our hearts and remove our ego, all attachments and desires in order to experience the pure unsullied bliss of the form of Krishna.