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Being His instrument – Fifty Years of Love

It is solely His grace that I continue to sit at His Lotus Feet, especially at a time when millions of His devotees across the world think He’s left His mortal coils and that He’s not there. What can I say - I am ever thankful to His Love and grace - Sri Narasimha Murthy
June 9, 2016/by B N Narasimha Murthy

When the Gates of Vaikunta Opened on Earth – Lunar Anniversary of Old Mandir

We have reached the fag-end of the year. The Lunar month of Margaseersha has begun. In the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar month of Margasheersha starts around mid – December and lasts till mid- January. In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna declared that among all months, He is the month of Margasheersha (Maasanam Margashirsoham).
December 21, 2015/by Saivrinda Admin

The Drama Unfolds – Story of Sri.Goddumari Anjaneyulu – Part 2

When Anjaneyulu’s wife saw Raju, she was extremely worried and asked Him, “Sathyam, my dear child, what is the matter?” To that Raju replied, “I am not Sathyam, I am Sai Baba.
October 31, 2015/by Saivrinda Admin

Beginning of Bhajan Sessions – Story of Sri.Goddumari Anjaneyulu – Part I

Sri Anjaneyulu's devotion to Bhagawan was a practical example of living by the prescription for liberation in the age of Kali as given in Upanishads – "Kalau Sankeertya Keshavam" (Singing the glory of the Lord).
October 8, 2015/by Saivrinda Admin

Divine Memories

The scriptures in India extol the Divine Leelas of the Lord which are beyond human comprehension that signify His love for His children. The formless God Almighty takes a physical form and descends in a human form
September 26, 2015/by Saivrinda Admin