How it all Started – From Sthoola to Sookshma

An alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Sri Madhusudan Rao Naidu joined the Brindavan campus in 1996 to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, for which he received the gold medal from Swami. He then went on to complete his Master’s degree in Chemistry at Prashanthi Nilayam campus. Later on, he enrolled into the MBA programme at the Institute, again winning the gold medal from Swami for standing first in his class.

An all-rounder, Sri Madhusudan excelled in arts and music during his student life. He was part of the University brass band and enacted many roles in the convocation dramas, which were directed by Bhagawan Himself. A prolific orator and a gifted artist, he was once given a unique opportunity by Swami to paint the portraits of His birth parents – mother Easwaramma and father Sri Pedda Venkappa Raju.

Bestowed with the rare blessing of being able to see, speak to and hear Swami, he has now dedicated his life to being an instrument in His hands, helping serve and spread Bhagawan’s mission of love and peace in the world.

It was on the last day of our trip to Kodaikanal with Bhagawan in the summer of 2003. While I was doing padaseva to Swami, He playfully tapped on my head and asked, “What will you do next, sir?” My Masters in Business Administration at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam had come to an end. After having spent the seven best years of my life at His feet since 1996 until that day, I had no heart to go back to my home town, near Raipur in the State of Chhattisgarh, 1200 kilometres away.

I prayerfully submitted, “Swami I want to be at Your feet.”

“There is no place at My feet! If all of you stay here, then who will serve Me outside? Go and spread Swami’s ideals in the world outside,” commanded Swami. Little did I realise then the purpose and the meaning of those few words!

The Divine Plan Unfolds

Swami blessed me to work in a private bank in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and graciously permitted me to visit Prasanthi Nilayam to have His darshan frequently. He compassionately enquired about my work and life during many such visits. However, He never permitted me to quit my job and stay with Him in Puttaparti despite several such eager submissions to Him. There was a purpose far beyond my comprehension.

Finally, after six years He permitted me to quit my job but still did not want me to come to Prasanthi Nilayam. I was on my own, alone, till one day in March 2011 when He chose to appear in my home at Bengaluru.

I was praying, sitting in front of His chair in His room at our home, when I had this strong feeling that that He was sitting on the chair and saying something that I could understand! During several long interactions with Him while I was doing my post-graduation, Swami would very graciously talk to me, guide me and tell me about various things – about Himself, His Mission, His devotees, and future plans. So, it wasn’t too difficult for me to recognise that it was truly Swami, who was seated in my home that day. The same mellifluous voice, the same sweet Telugu and the same gestures that are unique to our Swami did not escape my notice.

Of course, it still was a little strange. I had never experienced something like this before, even when I was a student for seven years. I thought I was hallucinating because like all the others, I too had been praying and thinking too much about Swami as He was not keeping well. However, Swami kept on coming every day and kept speaking to me in Telugu, which I could clearly understand.

One fine day, He said, “You doubt whether it is Me or it is your imagination. Look, your friend Sridhar will come now; in ten minutes he will ring the doorbell, will come inside and give you a box with breakfast.” That was at 8 o’clock in the morning. Sridhar was my classmate when I was studying in Puttaparti. But I had not seen him for months, though we stayed in the same city. I patiently waited for this to happen to confirm my faith.

And it did! In ten minutes, I heard the doorbell ring. When I opened the door, Sridhar was standing there. And not only was he standing, he was actually holding a lunch box in his hand, in which he was carrying breakfast for me. A little surprised at this unannounced visit, I asked him, “What made you come this early in the morning, without even calling me?” He said, “Nothing specific. My wife and I while having our breakfast felt that we had not seen you for a long time. So my wife said, ‘Why don’t you go and see Madhusudan on your way to office and give him some breakfast?’ This incident sealed my faith – I was now absolutely sure that it wasn’t just a hallucination or imagination, it was indeed Swami who was talking to me!

Thereafter, this became a regular phenomenon – Swami coming, talking and telling me many things even when He was admitted to the hospital. Then came the day when the doctors declared Swami ‘dead’. I was surprised because Swami kept on saying, “I am coming back. If you have faith, I will come back.” I sincerely believed that He would come out of the hospital, walk amidst us again, and prove to the whole world that He is God and therefore beyond medical treatment – just like many of us thought at that moment. We thought it was His leela, He was playing a game and He would bounce back from the hospital bed to good health and maybe even walk! Swami used to say, “I will run one day. I will fly across the sky.” I used to believe that He would actually, physically do all these things. That was how a lot of us thought at that time. But it didn’t happen!

Test is His Taste

On 24th of April 2011, I went back to His room in the house and started crying, “What is happening, Swami? You said that you would come back, but that may not happen. Everybody says that you have gone!”

Immediately, Swami appeared in the room and in a soothing tone, said, “No, no, this is all tamaashaa (show). Where can I go? I am here right in front of you.”

Not satisfied with His reply, I cried, “You are here in front of me, but there they are taking you off the ventilator and they’ll put you inside the casket. They’ll bury you.”

With a resolute expression, He replied, “No. I am here with you. I will always be there. You go and see the tamaashaa in Puttaparti.”

With my heart pounding in my chest, I went to Puttaparti, driving all alone from Bengaluru, hoping to witness the miracle of the millennium. But when I saw His body, lying there in the casket, it just broke my heart. I thought, “It can’t be true. Swami can’t come back now. Look at this thing. They have sealed Him in that ice box. Even if He was alive, He wouldn’t survive that cold.”

It so happened that after two days, it was decided that His body would be laid to rest in the same place where He used to sit and grant darshan. I was crying that morning, saying to myself, “I have been deceived. I have been duped. Swami said He would come back. He didn’t come back. He just fooled me.”

I suddenly felt a tap on my head. It was so strong that I was jolted out of my crying. I looked up, half expecting it to be a sevadal volunteer who was trying to tell me something. But it was Swami! He was standing there, in flesh and bone, in a yellow robe. He looked at me compassionately and said, “Why are you crying?”

Unable to control my emotions, I burst out crying. “Swami, see there. They are taking Your body. They are going to put it in the pit in no time, and You will never come back!”

Swami however was as composed as He always is. He said, “Where should I come back from? I have never gone anywhere. I am right here with you. Why are you crying? That is not Me, it’s only a tamaashaa.” He kept on assuring me. I trusted that; it gave me a bit of solace.

The Grand Plan unfolds

Of course, the ‘body’ went under the ground. We all know that. But Swami continued coming and talking to me. I thought it was just a personal conversation, like the way Swami used to talk to me during my student days. But, eventually I realised that He was on a bigger mission. Gradually, He started telling me about the need to build a Super Specialty Hospital in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) first and then in many other states eventually. He also told me that there would be many new schools in Karnataka in all districts. There will be drinking water supply projects in many states of the country. And all this will be done within the coming ten years of His life!

Swami also explained to me that He could not continue physically because it was impossible for Him to even brush His teeth or put on His clothes and look after Himself. It was too below His dignity to depend on others for that long. So, He decided to give up the ‘old car’ as He called the body, which didn’t work anymore and change into a ‘new car’ which could go faster towards the same goal of transformation. “The Road is the same. The Goal is the same. It is just the car that has changed,” He remarked.

He then explained that He has four forms. The Physical form, or the Sthoola Shareera, like we all have. Then, there is the Subtle Form, or Sookshma Shareera, that is the mind with feelings and thoughts. It is just like the physical form but without flesh and bones. Then, there is a higher form, the Higher Subtle, or the Athi Sookshma Shareera, and that is how He comes into peoples’ dreams and meditation. And finally, the Omnipresent Super Subtle Form, or Para Sookshama Shareera, in which He is present in every being and every atom, everywhere.

“I will be in this Subtle Form, which is just like the physical form, without flesh and bones,” Swami said. That is how He is going to take His mission forward. “My work is not yet over,” He declared. “Keep yourself selfless and pure, so that I may use you all as My instruments. I do not have a body but I shall use your bodies to do My work. Your hands shall be my hands, your feet shall be My feet, your words shall be My words and your actions shall be My actions. Be selfless. Glorious times are ahead when the whole world will become “Sai mayam” (filled with Sai). Soon, I will be back in another Physical form as Prema Sai, who will further guide you all and continue the work.”

Sri Madhusudhan

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  1. Srinivas viswanadha
    Srinivas viswanadha says:

    Om Sri Sai Ram…

    Im very happy to be one among the very lucky few to be a very close witness to His miracle of transformation which swami is taking up at a more faster speed than ever, in his subtle form…..

    May be im the first one also to comment on this…..:)

    Feeling very blessed…


  2. Govinda Krishna Yachendra
    Govinda Krishna Yachendra says:

    I feel very happy reading this artcile.And even more happy to be summoned by him to his divine presence to do his work.

  3. Rajalakshmi Chandrashekhar
    Rajalakshmi Chandrashekhar says:

    I am the second one who agree with you brother Srinivas. This inner transformation is in full speed. Swami is really working through me. WATCH is my constant companion. Experiencing His presence within me is His grace to me! Love You Lord!! Make me an instrument in Your Hand.

  4. Vishwanath
    Vishwanath says:

    Sai Ram,

    Namaskara Swamy, Hegididi?

    Swamy i am sorry please nana tapugalanu hagu papa karma galanu kshamisi, Daya thori kai ididu munadesi,

    Nimma Asadarana Athiva Anirikshitha prithi/prema ke nanu sada runni.

    Dayavitu nanagu ondu avakash kodi nima seve madalu,

    Samastha loka sukino bavanthu.

    Sai Ram

  5. Hari Krishna Sridhar
    Hari Krishna Sridhar says:

    Aum Sri Sai Ram

    I have been the very first fortunate students to this kind of the phenomenon even before it was out to the world like this today of Our Mother Sai. I was given a voice and taught to sing by her and for her. I will tell you non other than Our Mother Sai can do all this. It is only possible by Her………..

    It is high time that we should shut the mind and open the doors of Our Hearts……..and Surrender our lives at the Lotus Feet of Our Mother Sai and do what ever she says………

    Her will, Our Goal…….


    Yours In His Mission,
    Hari Krishna Sridhar, Student

  6. sandya rajagopal
    sandya rajagopal says:

    Sairam, Words cannot express the joy and divine ananda we get when we visit Muddenahalli for Bhagavan’s darshan and the miracles happening. We surrender.

  7. Titi de Groot- Boelens
    Titi de Groot- Boelens says:

    When I was in Puttaparthi in 2011,after gurupoornima something happened.

    Swami was coming out of the samadhi and walked to his house through the Sai Kulwant hall.
    A sevadal saw Him and has made a photo.
    I got this when I came home.

    On Gurupoornima we were in Shirdi .

    Before gurupoornima we were in Ayodhya and I did padanamaskar .To Who?
    Shirdi Sai was standing before me and I got the divine possibility to look in His Eyes and to do Padanamaskar.
    As a group we all did.

    We live in amazing divine time ,Om Sai Ram.

    Titi de Groot- Boelens from the Netherlands.

  8. Titi de Groot- Boelens
    Titi de Groot- Boelens says:

    Now we live in amazing divine time with Our beloved Sathya Sai Baba in his Lightform ,always in us,around us and everywhere.

    Thank you dear swami.

    With lovely greetings,Titi.

  9. S Sukumar
    S Sukumar says:

    After reading the above article, I am fully convinced that Swami is in HIS Subtle Form will continue to Bless Grace us and Guide us to Self Realisation.

  10. VijayaSai B.S.
    VijayaSai B.S. says:

    I was very fortunate that Swami chose to reveal himself to me in this form going out of His way to prove that He was the same Lord way back in September 2011. We are all lucky that although we have failed in the main exam (physical body advent), we are given a chance to write the supplementary exam (Sukshma Shareera continuation). Let us all strive to pass this in flying colours by engaging in meaningful selfless and loving service.

  11. Venkateswararao ivaturi
    Venkateswararao ivaturi says:

    I had the divine experience of swami at muddenhalli in October 2015 when my son sai ivaturi took me and my wife there like a thunderbolt as I was unwell and advised a surgery…..swami said to me….not needed….Out of his divine love……I spent 3 months basking in his Darshan continuously…..jaisairam

  12. Madhusudhan
    Madhusudhan says:

    Sairam. Happy to be a part in divine leela. Pray our lord to keep us always with him and allow us to become worthy instruments in His hands and be with us always. Not allowing any may to enter our head so that we can be a part of His mission.
    Madhusudhan vizag

  13. Vijay Vazirani
    Vijay Vazirani says:

    I was blessed to have darshan of Sukshma Swami in July 2016 when i visited Muddenahalli by His grace. For the 1st time as a SSS devotee i spoke to the Lord in person with a prayer, received His blessings in the form of a vibhuti packet.

    This memory has been etched on my soul & will remain with me till my very existence in this life. May Swami continue to use me as His humble instrument in His mission to my ability & capacity.

    Jai Sai Ram.

  14. carmen grinberg
    carmen grinberg says:

    Thank you Sri Madhusudhan…. The most beautiful Divine Lila….. Endless creativity….wow!!!

    LOVE , Carmen Grinberg , Australia

  15. Raveendra.
    Raveendra. says:

    Subtle From of Baba. In the year 2009,While reading Nostradomous Book(Born in the year 1503,Provence, Southern France) the following two verses were found attractective for me.
    1.From the three water signs will be born a man who will celebrate Thursday as his holiday.His renown,praise,rule and power will grow on land and sea,bringing happiness to the world.
    2.The man from the East will come out of his seat and will cross the Apennines to see France.He will cross through the sky,the seas and the snows and he will strike everyone with his rod.(The explanation to the original verse given like this.-This is a curious verse.The word sortira for ira indicates that the Easterner does not usually leave his country.Third line seems to indicate air travel-he goes through the air to his destination)
    Second verse matches to the present Subtle form.In the year 2009 based on many articles from Baba speeches and articles written by devotees of Baba I have publlished tiny book on 23-11-2009 and distributed among many sai devotees of our locality.At that time money to publish this tiny book was not possible to mobilise for me. But few days before the final printing I got necessary amount myseriously.This is Sai Leela!

    • Lambodaran
      Lambodaran says:

      Hello Raveendra, ce moment du 2eme verset est arrivé. En effet, traversera les appenins veut dire traversera l’italie, car c’est là que se trouvent les appenins et viendra en France. Et oui, Madhusudhan accompagné de Sai Baba Arrive en France le 30 Avril à Biarritz exactement.

      Om Sai Ram

  16. Lambodaran
    Lambodaran says:

    This moment of second verse by Nostradamus is arrived. In fact, he goes through appenines means he is going to travel en Italie. He will cross trough the sky ( by plane).Les appenins are in italie et to come in France, he have to cross . so,
    it is planned, Madhusudhan with Sai Baba will come to France the 30th April 2017, exactly, in the town called Biarritz..

    Om Sai Ram



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