Sri Sathya Sai Sevaamrutham

Daily Breakfast Seva for School Going Children

Inspired by the ideals of “Service to Man is Service to God”, under the Divine Guidance of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, nutritious breakfast is served daily to the under-privileged school going children at the below regions across Bangalore.

1. Dodbelle Village,Off Mysore Road , Kengeri
2. Vinayak Nagar Village, Off Mysore Road , Kengeri
3. DRDO Quarters, CV Raman Nagar

4. Neruhalli, Whitefield
5. Raggiguda, JP Nagar
6. Kariammana Agrahara, Near Sarjapur road

Swami’s Guidance

“There are many school going children who do not have proper breakfast in the morning. With an empty stomach how can they study?”. The children will be active only if they have proper meal in the morning. Children who have had good breakfast in the mornings would be more attentive and active in the classes. More than anything else, Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a must especially for the growing children.These Children are the next generation youth and it our responsibility to nurture them right from the beginning “ “Children who either cannot afford or are not being served breakfast at home, should not go hungry to the school as it is detrimental to their physical and mental health” “Look out for places were such children can be served sumptuous breakfast and start inculcating in them the habit of daily prayer, bhajans, veda chanting. Also, emphasize on cleanliness to these children. Bring transformation in these children by conducting Bal Vikas and other spiritual activities.” With this Divine Guidance of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  –

‘Breakfast Seva initiative’ has been undertaken by young Sai brothers and sisters of South Bangalore .We have started serving free and nutritious breakfast to the under privileged school going children at Dodbelle Village (about 20KM away from Banshankari ) on July 5th 2012,  in an open area at the common place in the village were all the students can assemble. About 70 to 80 kids partake Swami’s breakfast prasadam every day. This seva is conducted on all school working days and the children are fed Idli-Sambar, Ricebath-Chutney , Chapathi-Kurma, Fruit and Milk on a rotation. Since this was done in an open area, there was always a chance of rain disrupting this seva. But our ever compassionate lord – saw to it that the such instances do not occur.He had even mentioned that -“I’m stopping the rain during the seva, so that my kids can have proper breakfast”

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