Divine Visit – Enugu, Nigeria – November 04 and 05, 2017

Head keeps changing depending on situation and circumstances. Because he followed his heart, so many are able to follow their heart! Jesus lived for a short life, but He continues in His spirit.

Divine Visit – Dubai – November 2 and 3, 2017

We are in the heart of each other. Keep your heart steady. Heart is the seat of God, permanently given to God. That heart must always be kept pure, bereft of anger, and selfishness.

Why Is Swami Setting up the Gurukula System of Education? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 29, 2017

Even if a little bit of impurity has gone into the minds of these children, they are purified in the company of the good people in this pure environment.

How to Overcome the Tragedies of Humanity Caused by Selfishness? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 26, 2017

For the disease of selfishness, the panacea is selfless love.

Divine Visit – Karwar, Karnataka – 23 October, 2017

In the current last phase of 16 years of Swami’s Avatar which started in 2006 and will continue till 2022, the whole purpose is to establish the ancient Sanathana Dharma in the whole world.

Divine Visit – Karwar, Karnataka – 22 October, 2017

This is a guest house so you all are guests, therefore this hospitality. But I am always the host here, and everywhere. Guests come and go, where as the host stays. The world comes and goes, but God stays.

Divine Visit to Hubli and Karwar – October 21, 2017

I will accept anything given only if it is out of a pure feeling. What is the use of ocean water which we can’t drink? A small amount of pure water from a well is all that we need. God owns everything. He covered the earth with one step and the sky with another, but He won’t take anything unless it is given with purity!

Divine Visit – Chihuahua, Mexico – October 16 & 17, 2017

The true value which gives value to human life is love. This is not the worldly love, which is contaminated with expectations. Divine love which lives by giving and forgiving, and does not want anything in return, gives true value to humans. Human beings have to develop this divine love, only then there willl be a future to this world

Divine Visit – Mexico City, Mexico – October 15, 2017

The body made of five elements is weak and will have to be given up somewhere at some point in time. Knowing death is certain, while there is still time, be wise and spend your time in realising your divinity. Between the pre-fixed manufacturing date which is the birth date and the expiry date which is the date of demise, all other dates are in your hands to use them well. Depend on the inner divinity which is the source of permanent happiness and abandon the pursuit of paltry temporary pleasures in the world outside. Happiness is union with God.

Working Group Meeting of Divine Mother And Child Health Programme – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli -September 20, 2017

The objective of the Meet was to facilitate all like minded individuals and institutions to come together, collaborate and cohesively strive to achieve the common goal of building a healthy nation.

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Divine Visit – Singapore – September 17 and 18, 2017

Swami then delivered His divine message to the youth and urged them not to waste their precious time, instead be fully involved in serving the people.

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Divine Visit – Australia – September 16 and 17, 2017

It is out of Love that the whole creation is born, and it is into this Love that the whole creation merges. When you look around, there is no place bereft of Love. This is the purest of love which pervades the entire creation.

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Divine Visit – Australia – September 14 and 15, 2017

These seventeen Ashrams around the world will be the centers of spirituality and spiritual wisdom for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, race, geography or religion. They will shine forth as beacons of love for the entire humanity.

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Divine Visit – Fiji – September 12 and 13, 2017

As time passes it will reveal itself to people. It is not without a reason that I am coming here and spending so much time.

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Inauguration of Divine Mother and Child Health Care Programme – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – September 01, 2017

The Divine Mother and Child Health Programme is unique from its concept to execution as it aims to cover the entire spectrum of healthcare i.e prevention, education, promotion, curation and recuperation.

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Why do we remember and celebrate king Mahabali? – Divine Discourse Summary – Onam – September 4, 2017

Everything should be done for the love of God, everything should be sacrificed to God. This is the ideal that the devotees must lead their lives by.

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How can we improve infant health? – Divine Discourse Summary – Inauguration of Divine Mother and Child Health Programme – September 1, 2017

We must put every single effort possible in our capacity to reach out to those women who lack access to proper medical care and are about to deliver.

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Can you count the spiritual significances embedded in Ganesh Chaturthi celebration? – Divine Discourse Summary – Ganesh Chaturthi – August 25, 2017

Whether Sukha or Dukha, whether pleasure or pain, He digests everything with equanimity. With His four hands, He continues to bless, serve, save and transform.

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What should we pray for from Ganesha? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 24, 2017

Ganesha signifies that realisation which comes that you are manifested in the Prakriti but your ultimate source is Purusha.

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