Bhagawan’s Visit to CV Raman Nagar,Bangalore on 17 January, 2016

It was a bright sunny morning, and the Lord with His entourage were ready to visit an ardent devotee in CV Raman Nagar in Bangalore. Atleast for Bangaloreans, the mention of CV Raman Nagar conjures the names, Sri Vasudev and Smt Meena Vasudev. For close to two decades now, Swami’s presence, via miracles, numerous manifestations, and even personal guidance, in their residence is a well-known fact. ‘Faith’ and ‘Belief’ are the ultimate cornerstones of our spiritual core. Devotees from far and wide visit the Vasudev residence to experience the Lord, with the same ‘faith and ‘belief’, that God is beyond ‘attributes, form and time’, like the Vedas declare.

In his quest for self improvement, Sri SA Vasudev, a scientist at Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), was a voracious reader of books written by Mahatma Gandhi ji, and at some point during that literary journey, his desire for self improvement grew stronger. Around the same time, he heard about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and the quest to know Him, led Sri Vasudev to Swami. Before the first encounter, he read a book by Mrs Rita Bruce which convinced him about Swami’s divinity. His first Darshan in February 1996, deepened that belief. In that first Darshan, there was no words or no vibhuti. It was pure love, pure Darshan!

Soon the entire family, wife Meena and their four-year-old, Avinash became regulars at Darshans. Bhagawan showed His presence at their residence for the very first time on May 1, 2001, when vibhuti manifested on Swami’s wall calendar. Over five days, Swami showed the Sarva Dharma symbols via vibhuti, and the manifestation concluded with 18 Om. After these wonderful five days, Swami started communicating to Smt Meena via visions, that would typicaly happen around 4am. In these visions, Swami would ask her to communicate His messages to other devotees, and at times direct them on matters concerning their own family. Thereafter, many articles in the residence continues to manifest, rings, pendants, idols, earrings and even necklaces, with clear instructions for whom they were to be given!

Once, she asked Swami why He communicated through her to other devotees; instead He could rather appear in their visions! Swami replied saying that though the microphone was with Him, the speakers were with her.

In the year 2005 and 2006, on Guru Poornima day, Swami made a phone call to the Vasudev household, on their landline, and spoke to Meena! During the same time, devotees in and around the area, started placing letters before Swami at the altar in the house, praying for His guidance and directions. The compassionate Lord would bless their letters with vibhuti or kumkum or turmeric as He deemed appropriate. Sometimes, He would even write a brief message on the letter in green ink, and sign it as well! ‘Believing is seeing’ goes an old adage. How true!

Once during a visit to Prasanthi Nilayam, around Christmas time, during Darshan, Swami said that He had materialised a ring and kept it in their house. Upon returning home, they certainly did find the ring in the altar, immersed in vibhuti!

April 2011 was After Swami left his physical form, Swami started to shower Vibhuti on devotees out of thin air in the Vasudev household.

More than His physical form, the family has been experiencing and interacting with the subtle form of Swami! Having seen and experienced many manifestations, and after having served as a channel to communicate Swami’s words, wishes and desires to other devotees, the humble and devout family continue their journey with the Almighty! So when the Lord said He was ‘coming’ to the Vasudev household, and to bless the devotees of CV Raman Nagar, their joy knew no bounds! “We truly feel blessed to be Living with Sai. On Jan 14, when we met Him at Muddenahalli to invite Him over, He told us that He is not living in our house, but rather, we are living in His house”, fondly recalls Sri Vasudev.

Bhagawan entered the Vasudev household at around 9:15 am and addressed the small family gathering. He told Smt Meena, “You were sick the first time I came. I am the Doctor for both physical & mental sickness! But without faith nothing is possible. Your faith cured you!” Looking at Sri Vasudev, Bhagawan said, “Who will believe that a scientist believes in all this? With scientists it’s all logic, but with swami it’s all magic. Science is half truth, but spirituality is full truth.” After some precious moments with the family and breakfast, Bhagawan proceeded to the DRDO Community Hall, for the public satsang.

Over 700 devotees had gathered to experience their most beloved Lord! It was was an outpour of pure love, and the atmosphere was electric! Around 9:45am, Bhagawan entered the hall amidst Veda chanting & soulful bhajans. The Lord ascended the dias, along with Dr Ram Setty (an ardent devotee and a renowned Cardiologist from California), Sri Sampath (Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Annapurna Trust), Sri Vasudev, Sri B G Jayaram (Director of Training at Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence) and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy. Alumni from the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions and Sai youth from CV Raman Nagar, offered a bouquet of songs at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. The blissful rendition reached its crescendo with the ever-green ‘Humko Tumse Pyaar Kitna’. No wonder it is said, music is food for the soul.Sri Vasudev welcomed the gathering thereafter, who welcomed Swami with much love & adoration. He narrated his first interview in September 2014 at Muddenhalli. He said he experienced a very unique bliss and wanted all his brothers and sisters to experience this same bliss! He thanks the Lord profusely for His continued presence for the last two decades. He said, “It’s a source of continuous strength & guidance for us. It is easy for me to invite You to the house. But, very difficult to prepare my heart to receive You. It is easy for me to clean the cobwebs, but difficult to eliminate one bad quality. It is easy to gift You a bouquet of flowers, but difficult to surrender my ego. It is easy to ensure no one steps on Your carpet, but very difficult to walk in Your footsteps. It is easy to come near You, but difficult to reduce the distance between us.” Sri Vasudev on behalf of all gathered prayed to Bhagawan to help everyone in their inward journey!

This inspiring talk was followed by Sri B G Jayaram, who spoke about his personal experiences with Swami and his journey from God fearing to god loving. Sri Jayaram is the brother of Smt Meena Vasudev, and he narrated a beautiful experience when he took a watermelon for Swami to her residence. When they started cutting the watermelon, they hit upon a ‘metal-like’ surface. To their utter delight and surprise, they found a silver bowl of honey, along with a locket of Shirdi Sai Sathya Sai! He impressed upon everyone a very important aspect in our spiritual journey, “You may or may not recognise God, but God never misses you or fails to recognise you!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy was the next speaker who quoted Albert Einstein and said, “Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.” He went on say that the most beautiful things in the world, can neither be seen or touched, but can only be experienced. Sri Narasimha Murthy spoke of a painting which gained much popularity in Europe. It was a painting of Jesus Christ knocking at a door, which was bereft of a door knob from outside; the inner significance being that we have to open the door from inside and allow God, who is ever-ready to enter! He stressed that devotion is the basis of everything, and urged everyone to look inward.

Bhagawan’s much awaited Divine Discourse followed. He said, “A water bubble is born in water, floats on water and ultimately merges into water. This water bubble is none other than man, and water is God Himself. This is the word of truth. The word of Sai!”

There is also the word Nara, in the word Narayana. Whether you wrote the word Narayana in Sanskrit or English, the word Nara is a part of it. You are born in love, live in love and finally merge into love. In the word ‘Manava’, ‘ma’ and ‘nava’ means that which is not new. He is the eternal one. The human body looks different in different ages. We have to recognise the fact that even a new born baby is an eternal one, which has taken birth again.” Swami went on say that while the body of the baby is new, the atma or soul is ancient and eternal. “This being which emerges from the atma, should ultimately merge back into the atma. We are subjected to a sense of duality and differences, because we base our lives on the body. All our troubles and sorrows are a result of the ignorance that we are the body. When we realise the fact that we are not the body, but divine, we will get rid of the sense of duality.”

Swami then narrated about the short memory of gold fishes in a fish bowl. They constantly move around in circles inside the bowl, and because of their short-term memory, every time they complete a round and begin another, they think they are going around for the first time. Because the fish thinks this way, they go around in happiness and exhilaration.

In the same way, human beings think they are born for the first time, and have forgotten what has happened in their previous life. “In the word ‘Manava’, this truth already exists. We are born again and again, die again and again. In this circle of birth and death, we keep making these rounds.”

Swami again reminded everyone that God is the indweller, and everyone should strive to get close to Him. He urged everyone to find this indweller and pray to Him.

After Mangala Arathi and Prasadam, Bhagawan went back to the Vasudev household, along with His entourage to partake lunch. After lunch and spending some precious movements yet again with the family, Swami addressed all the devotees from the CV Raman samithi. It was very endearing to see the love of this devoted lot, for their dearest Lord! Bhagawan urged them all to expand their love, and work in unison. “Unless you keep the whole world in your heart, you cannot keep God in your heart. Love should expand from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘He’. Praise and blame have to treated with equanimity, which is the true sign of devotion. Whatever happens, good or bad, a devotee should think it is the grace of God. With this thinking, he will never be in trouble. Always remember that whatever happens in our life, is for our good. God is always with you. If something bad happens, remember that there is a reason which, only God knows.

Your mind should be tuned to God at all times, in all that you do. When you study, you should think you are studying for God. The thought should be, ‘If I get good marks, Swami will be happy. If I am disciplined, Swami will be pleased. I should only engage in righteous deeds, as Swami will be happy with me.’ We will be able to attain spiritual growth this way. From selflessness, we will progress to divinity. The first and foremost mistake is that you think you are the body. Body is yours, but you are not the body. Car is yours, you are not the car.”

Swami urged all the devotees to realise that God is within each of us. “Ask for guidance, Swami will guide you from inside. You need not go anywhere. Invite God from within your heart, for God to come into your heart. God is within you. Keep that God close to you”

The joy of the devotees knew no bounds, as the Lord blessed everyone profusely, before making His way back to Muddenahalli.

What an eventful day! Reminiscing the experience, Sri Vasudev puts it very aptly, “Divinity is everywhere. I was never attached to any form, as the only way I conceived God was through His universality. These miracles or ‘spontaneous expressions of love’ are like the sunrise and sunset. Everything in this Universe is a miracle; from the birth of a child to our waking up every morning! There is only God and He is always within us. We must have the inner strength that Swami is with us. Who knows, He may drop this subtle form much ahead of time! As an avatar, He came to teach us important lessons, one being going beyond the form, as God does not have one. We should not confine God to a form or get stuck yet again to this form, rather find Him in our hearts.”