Divine Bliss in Australia, Day 1

Bhagawan Baba’s second trip to Australia this year began on 22 September 2015. He was going to the continent down under to bless hundreds of devout youth and elderly, speak to them, guide them and envelope them with His unconditional love. His last visit to Australia was in December 2014 where the devotees also spent their new year with Baba.

The first stop was at Murwillumbah, a quaint town in the Tweed valley of New South Wales, blessed with nature’s bounty. One can say ’twas twice blessed with the Lord manifesting for the second time in continent’s town in the last nine months. It was probably an hour’s drive from the Brisbane airport, and Murwillumbah or  Murbah, as the locals call it, is located inside the largest caldera (crater) in the Southern Hemisphere. The majestic Mount Warning is right at the centre of this crater. It is said that only on a clear day can one see the coast from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast. What do you think the icing on the cake this time around was? Well, as many of you might guess, it was the spectacular view topped with copious amounts of divine energy!murwiliimbah

The Lord’s entourage touched down in Brisbane at 7pm on the evening of Tuesday, 22 September 2015, after a long eight-hour flight from Singapore. At the airport, Gary Seaton, alongwith youth leaders of Australia lovingly welcomed everyone and whisked them away to Murwillumbah, considered to be the most sacred place in the country by the native aborigines. By the time all the travellers disembarked at their residence for the visit, it was 10pm; but nothing stopped the zeal and devotion of all gathered at ‘Shangrila’- the residence of Gary and his courteous, smiling wife, Francis. This tirelessness, perhaps comes from the renewed bout of energy and an unbelievable sense of passion that envelopes every person when it involves working with Swami or for him. Sleep and food become a passé, and that was pretty much the scene at Gary’s residence, where many devotees had been working overtime to welcome God!aarti

In the midst of soulful bhajans, Bhagawan graciously entered the living room to bless everyone at around 10:30pm! He quipped, “Is it Shivaratri today? Have you all seen the time? I was already here. They made me go out of the room & come back again. This place is full of divine vibrations. There is so much of peace here. It will grow into a good center,” he said. After accepting Aarthi, Bhagawan retired for the night and so did the entourage, tired, sleepy, happy and eagerly waiting for dawn to witness the events of the days to follow  – God with His dear children!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Morning

‘Shangrila’ sits in perfect harmony with its spectacular surrounds, where the landscape evokes a feeling of serenity and well-being to body, mind and spirit. The Seaton household was a flurry of activity from 6:30am in the morning. Tea, coffee and breakfast were the prime focus of the hour.shangrila

The morning session commenced at 10am where Swami hadinvited all the organisers for a private session. After inspiring, impromptu talks by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy and Sri C Sreenivas, Swami spoke to all those who gathered and quenched the parched souls. “Are u all happy?” was the first question, and everyone echoed in the affirmative, “Yes Swami”. Swami went on to talk about happiness and said, “Happiness is union with God. It’s not outside, it is inside! Only by experiencing God, will you truly know God. There is no other way of knowing Him! Until then, you can keep describing God like how the four blind men did, while describing an elephant. The one who has truly seen an elephant, will know the animal. Similarly the one who has experienced God, will know who God is. There are many ways we can understand or experience God and this requires two things – shraddha or sincere desire to attain God and the second is, patience or saburi. This is what the first avatar Shirdi Baba taught. With these two, one can attain God. The only purpose for which we are born is to understand divinity and to attain our true nature. The one with a pure heart alone is closer to God.”

A short and sweet Q&A session followed, where many got a wonderful opportunity to ask some of their questions. Swami declared that the whole place (Murwillumbah) will become a very big Sathya Sai Ashram in the years to come. “This is all a preparation for the next avatar. To be in the presence of divinity once again, you should engage yourself in selfless acts. I am training you, so you can pass the exam. The only condition is you have to be selfless and full of love. Prema Sai will travel all around the world, and that is how the mission of love will expand. Do you know what stops us from being selfless? Faith! The one who does not have complete faith in God can never be completely selfless!”

It was an endearing sight to see the ‘prema pravaham’ between the Lord and His instruments! After a hearty spread of delectable lunch, which is always the case when Swami is around, everyone retired for a very brief afternoon siesta. Of course, all the youth were busy with the preparations for the afternoon public satsang. Love without duty is divine, says Bhagawan, and this was felt in abundance!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Afternoon

The Murwillumbah Civic & Cultural Center was the venue for the public satsang. A short ten-minutes drive from the residence of Gary through undulating and meandering roads, skirted on either side with sugarcane plantation, topped with Mount Warning as the backdrop, was indeed a blissful journey. The Centre had been a hive of activity, in preparation for the Lord’s arrival.


In the evening, as Swami walked into a packed auditorium of over 500 people at 4:15pm, bhajans were in progress. A group of native aborigines took stage to welcome the Lord in the most ritualistic and meaningful way. Their dance moves were mystical, yet there was a deep sense of spirituality.speech

Talks by Sri C Srinivas and Sri Narasimha Murthy followed. Bhagawan in His divine discourse. “Maybe I have lost the physical body, but I am the atma, still there. I am the one & I have become many. Even the Vedas describe God as the one with thousand heads, hands and eyes. But from where can God get these thousand eyes, or heads or hands? There is a subtle inner significance in this statement. God is one, who is inside every being and in every being the atmic principal exists. Therefore, everyone is an embodiment of God. Any divine incarnation who comes into this world have to lose their physical body. What is impermanent cannot be permanent. Then why do we continue to worship them even after they have left the physical body? Because of the sacrifices they made for mankind, one continues to worship them.”

As He invited questions from the audience and answered them in the most lucid way, everyone was amazed at the simplicity of His answers. As He always says, a good teacher makes the most complicated subjects look simple!


The energy at the Civic Centre was infectious, as Swami blessed many souls. Souls wanting more of the divine interaction, as He retired for the night.

The two-day visit to Australia was another memorable time for all who gathered at Bhagawan’s feet to partake of his love.