Divine Bliss in Australia, Day2

September 24, 2015 – Morning

It is said, “eat your way to a happy day”. And good food in the lap of nature is blissful! Australian honey and corn flakes found its way to the Lord’s breakfast platter. As He enjoyed the honey, He revealed a deeper and profound significance of the bees and flowers! He asked, “From where do the bees get honey?” The intelligent reply was of course, “Flowers Swami.” Pat came the next question, “And from where do the flowers get the honey?” Trick question! The Lord gave the answer away, saying it comes from God!?Then He went to explain that just as the bees are attracted from afar and gather around the flowers that have honey, similarly a lot of devotees will come to this place and derive joy and peace.” Beautifully linked!

Just as the Lord left the driveway of the Seaton residence, He graciously stopped to inaugurate a new mobile medical van, an initiative by the youth of Australia. The van was decorated ready to receive the Lord’s blessing and Swami arrived just after 9am.

He had blessed the youth with the opportunity to serve, by setting up this Medical/Dental unit which would start to serve the Toogolawa School. This direction was provided by Bhagawan in December 2014.  Initially, the work was concentrated around setting up a unit at the school until Swami provided guidance regarding a Medical/Dental van on wheels.

The first question He sweetly asked was about the vehicle that will be used to pull the van. It will in two weeks time, was the reply from the ecstatic youth. He cut the ribbon and walked in where two of dentists took Him through the details of the dental process and equipment. He then walked through the medical side where a doctor was waiting to explain. Bhagawan mentioned a few times over that he was very happy with the van. He blessed and gave out chocolates saying “Medicine for depression.”Then as everyone was trying to guide Him out through the other door, to return to the car, He turned and went back to see the X-ray unit. This is the beauty of His uncertainty! All the mats/carpet and the car got moved back to the other side, while devotees scampered along. Confusion galore! He blessed one of the youth to look after the van, and talked about selfless service.

Venue was the same for the morning satsang, the Murwillumbah Civic and Cultural Center. The Lord entered the hall amidst a large crowd of over 500 devotees, who were lost in soulful bhajans. The session started with a musical rendering by the children , Swami swayed to their music and blessed them all with Namaskar and sweets. This was followed by a speech by one of the Australian Youth Leaders, Raj Naidu, who eloquently updated everyone about the mobile medical van and offered his gratitude on behalf of all the young men and women for this wonderful service opportunity.

Soon after, a unique multi-faith presentation by devotees, which encompassed the five major religions of the world was placed at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. Devotees dressed as religious personalities such as Maa Sarada Devi, Saint  Teresa of Avila, Jallaludin Rumi, King David of Israel & His Holiness the Dalai Lama, delivered verses from the various religions, which espoused the message of peace and unity. The program ended with a beautiful song by all the children to the delight of Bhagawan and all gathered.

Inspirational talks by Sri C Sreenivas and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy followed. Swami delivered His nectarine message, thereafter. “Who is a teacher? Aachara ithi acharya – a teacher is one who has good behaviour. Only those who practise good principles, can teach good principles to the children. Manas ekam, vachas ekam, karmanyan ekam – men & women who are one in thought, word and deed will be good teachers. Therefore, I desire that all the devotees in Australia should get together and form a Teachers Training Institute, create good teachers and send them to various places. Wherever you go, good teachers are essential. We should send the trained teachers to the various schools that we will open across Australia. This is what the Australian devotees should do.

I am very delighted that young men and women have started the mobile medical van. With this van, the young men and women should go to various places & serve the needy people. This will serve as an example for the village youth, as they will see our selfless youth and get inspired. Thus one person can change so many people. If you light one lamp, through that you can light many lamps. What is this lamp? It is the lamp of love. Our job is to think that the body is the lamp, develop love which is the oil and light the lamp of love through the wisdom of service.

Today in the Kali age, people say it is full of darkness. They say it is some kind of ‘dark age’. But where is darkness, it is not outside. The darkness of selfishness and self-interest are the root cause of darkness inside. In the darkness, you don’t see that you are hurting yourself and hence you hurt others. When you see the light of love, you will see that everyone belongs to you & hence, you will not hurt anyone.

When both man and God get together, many things can be achieved and the whole world will be full of love and service. I am always ready. You have to get ready. But, I want good instruments. And, what kind of instruments do I want? Those who have the love for God, fear of sin and morality in society. But where is God? God is in everyone. So if you truly love God, you should love everyone!”

September 24, 2015 – Afternoon

The afternoon commenced at 3:15pm at the Seaton residence where the youth from Australia had gathered for a special session with their Divine Master. He said, “To do any task especially sacred ones, three things are needed, HANDS, HEAD and HEART. That means, the three noble aspects of Shakthi ( Strength), Yukthi (Intelligence) and Bhakthi         (Devotion). When all these three are there, that is time you must work hard. God is the only thing that is real. ‘Jagat mithya’ – the world is unreal. It is just the shadow of God. If you go behind God, you will have the world with you. You will be fooling yourself, if you go for the shadow. If you have God, the world will come behind you. Be like the lion cubs. Follow your Master. Fight till the end & finish the game. Your heart is your Master. Heart is where all the goodness resides. Follow your heart and be sure that the righteousness that you follow, will protect you.” Swami was extremely happy with the mobile medical van & blessed the youth profusely. Thereafter, He proceeded with the entourage to the Civic Center for the last satsang of the trip.

Charged with Divine energy and hearts pining for more, the auditorium was reverberating with bhajans as the Lord entered. Yet again, talks by Sri C Sreenivas and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy inspired all gathered. Swami lovingly calls them both, His left and right hands, and rightly so! Their sacrifices and yeoman service is definitely worthy of emulation. They motivated all to act, to cease the moment and quite certainly sowed seeds of love, which would change the trajectory of life!

This was followed by a musical rendering by House of bliss, a music group formed by the Australian devotees. Another Australian lady played on Maha Veena ( an Indian instrument). Swami was enchanted by the music.

Bhagawan in His loving message said that now that Swami has set His foot here, the place will grow in to a place of spiritual eminence for the entire australia. He urged devotees to be selfless and set an example for the others to follow. Said that the person with devotion will be able to brave all the turbulences with ease and remain unaffected just as the lotus petals Remain unaffected by the waters in which they grow. Daiva Preeti or devotion to God alone can save man from sins ( papa bheethi) and unite all ( Sangha neethi).

The evening ended with expression of gratitude by Australian devotees to Swami for blessing all and bringing the dignitaries along. Swami took Aarathi and then walked in to the kitchen area to bless the devotees and cooks who worked tirelessly to serve food on both the days to the hundreds of people who attended.

After returning back to Seaton Residence, ” Shangri La”, Swami had dinner and retired for the day .