Divine Visit – Barcelona, Spain – October 25, 2016

Yet again, after a sumptuous Indian breakfast of Alu Paratas, Upma and piping hot idlis, it was time for the last satsang of the three-country divine visit of the Lord. At 11am Bhagawan entered the Chapel where yet again, over 200 or more eager devotees were gathered to experience pure divine love. Devotees had gathered from many countries in Europe – Italy, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia to name a few. After some enthralling Spanish bhajans, which raised the energy levels in the hall, Bhagawan commanded Mr Isaac Tigrett to address all the devotees. He spoke about the journey that he had with Swami, trying to understand the formless nature. He narrated how he started reading books about metaphysics and books by other masters. “Within those books I found the constant reference to the formless nature of God. And I realised that He was trying to teach me about the formless and recognising the formless. It was very upsetting to me as I began to learn that the relationship between Swami and the majority of the devotees, was nothing more than duality. Duality is the enemy. He is still trying to teach us that we are reflections of Him.  And even though I asked yesterday, everyone raised their hands, Swami made it quite clear it is all in your head, not in your heart. There was a great Maharani who lived at the Ashram.  Her daughter told me an amazing story that Swami and this Maharani were always fighting. She was winning, and so Swami asked her, ‘Aren’t you scared of Me?’ She said, ‘No, but I am scared of Your Maya.’

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker had only a prayer to offer at the divine Lotus Feet. “Dearest Swami, we are so grateful to You that You have chosen to hold us like You do, so dear to You. Your choosing us is the greatest and the most important reality of our lives. To each and every one of us here, Swami, that You have chosen us to be worthy of Your love, to be worthy of the work You have for us, to fulfil our mission in this life – that is our greatest strength, Swami. For a moment if You were not there in our lives, Swami, truth be said, we would all be living corpses. That You find us worthy of Your love, it is now the moment of my prayer.”

He prayed to Swami to enable everyone, to always make the right choice in every moment of life. “The vicissitudes and challenges of life change over time. Every moment is new that it shows and it comes up as a surprise. But every moment, Swami, is a new You presenting Yourself to us, So we, Your dear children, Swami, pray to You that every moment we live hereon becomes the right moment to make the right choice. Swami, You have taught us life is determined by the choices we make. So with this prayer, dear Swami, that every thought, word and deed and every choice we make in our lives reflects You and You alone because You are that sublime selfless love!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke next and thanked all the devotees of Spain and organisers for the all wonderful arrangements, on behalf of Bhagawan’s entourage. He narrated the saga of love of Swami – His compassion – which did not differentiate between a Prince or a pauper. He narrated the story of the last act of Jesus in the body and first act of Jesus after he came back, which are an eternal hope for mankind.

Swami in His divine message said, “Every moment that Swami spent was only for the sake of benefit of others. But He did not have wealth, progeny, property of His own. It is through the love that He made these relations that are there even today. And it is that love alone which has drawn all of you to Him and Him to all of you. For the relationships that are based on this temporary body, blood relations, they last as long as the body lasts. But the relationships which are made with love from the heart, they go beyond the body, beyond one’s lifetime, because they are not temporary but permanent in nature. Therefore, do things that are good for others. Lead a life of love and sacrifice. Lead a life for the welfare of others. Develop this relationship of pure love with fellow beings, and that is the only way to attain permanent happiness and immortality in this temporary world. Have faith that God will look after everything.  Do not fear

when you have to sacrifice. For it is in giving that we receive. In forgiving that we are forgiven.” Bhagawan assured that this life, this body, will be looked after by God, for the welfare of the devotees.

Lunch Prasadam was served after Mangala Arati, and Bhagawan’s entourage packed and headed to the airport to catch their flight back to Bangalore.