Divine Visit – Chihuahua, Mexico – June 21 and 22, 2016

Newport Beach, Irvine to Chihuahua, Mexico – June 21, 2016 :

After a very early breakfast and Arathi to the Lord, the entourage proceeded to the Los Angeles airport to catch a flight to Chihuahua, via Dallas.

Chihuahua (pronounced Chiwawa), is the largest state in Mexico, which is mostly characterized by rugged mountainous terrain and wide river valleys. As the flight began its descend into Chihuahua Airport, the rugged terrain was visible in all its glory.

Ms Rosario Ordonez, the host of Bhagawan, along with a large team of devotees welcomed the entourage with much warmth and love. Everyone was driven to the house of Mrs Erma, where Swami would be staying for the two days. It was a beautiful house, and Mrs Erma along with her family, received the Lord and His entourage, and expressed her gratitude. Everyone retired after a long day of travel.

Chihuahua, Mexico – June 22, 2016 – Morning session :

After delicious Mexican and Indian breakfast, a small Satsang at the living room of Mrs Erma was organised with family and close friends. Swami asked Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to address the gathering. He said, “The house of Mrs Erma is very blessed because Bhagawan Baba had chosen to stay for two nights of His trip to Mexico.” He recollected the incident on April 16, 2016 in Italy, when they visited the very majestic and beautiful St Mary’s Basilica of Good Health, which was frequented by pilgrims who prayed to Mother Mary to cure incurable diseases. He recollected that at the center of the church was a dome which was cordoned off to the public. However, under the dome, Brother Madhusudan (one of the most brilliant students of Swami and a double gold medalist, highly dedicated and a deep spiritual aspirant) saw Mother Mary and an infant baby Jesus. Mother Mary was on Swami’s right, dressed in her gown with a hood on her head, and baby Jesus was holding on to Swami’s left hand, and was pulling and tugging Swami’s hand and robe.

Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “God came in the form of Jesus. He made a great impact on the whole of mankind. His words echo till today and such enormous and great work has happened, and continue to take place in the name of Jesus Christ the world over. The same Lord Jesus is here with us in the form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and it is a great good fortune to be chosen to be present in His midst, on this special day in Mexico.

Words of these great Divine masters does not belong to the one who speaks or listens. It belongs to only those who practise. As Jesus said, ‘those who abide by my word, truth will be known to you and truth shall at you free.’ The teaching of Jesus and Baba are the same – love all and serve all.”

Swami spoke thereafter, which was translated by Ms Mary into Spanish. The Lord started by saying, “There is only one God, but He is called by different names by the noble ones, like the word water – in English it is called water, Jal in Sanksrit, Aqua in Greek, Agua in Spanish etc. All these are different names, but the names of the same water. Whatever be the name, when we drink the water, it is the same. When you drink the water, your thirst will be quenched. Therefore, whichever name we call, ultimately by experience we know it is one and the same. Without experiencing, thinking that these are different is ignorance. People fight over different names, they don’t have experience and they do not know the truth. The same God is known as Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Zorashtra – all these are names but ultimately the principle is one and the same. The one who has experienced it will know that there is only one, and not many. A person who has wisdom will see one and not many. But the person who is ignorant will see many, where there is only one.

However, one may ask, why are there so many Gods who have come in different times and different places? Why is there not one God who is foerever there for all cultures, for all countries and all times? The answer is simple. When in Mexico, we eat Mexican food. When in India, we eat Indian food. If you give a Mexican person Idli, Sambhar, Rasam, Vada, his stomach will get spoilt. Likewise, if you give an Indian person all the Mexican food, he or she may not be able to digest it. So depending on what one likes to eat, food is prepared. We have come to Mexico and the hosts have prepared Indian food for us to enjoy. Similarly, when you come to india, we make western food for you to enjoy. All have different tastes and likings and hence food has to be prepared differently. Just as food is of different types but the hunger is one and the same, similarly, because of the external difference, God takes different forms to satisfy the same hunger for love in everyone. One cannot say Indian food is not good, or Mexican is good, and vice versa. That food is good for those people and their culture. Looking at the outer differences, if we develop differences in ourselves, it is sheer ignorance. But if we try to understand the uniting principle of love in all religions, all faiths taught by all messiahs and masters, we will then be able to understand. This is the message from all teaches, from all ages. School may be different, but the syllabus is the same. All the religions are like different schools, teaching the same truth. The school dress, timings, language of the lessons etc may be different, but the syllabus is the same. Whether it is a school in India or Mexico, the lesson that sun rises from east and sets in west is one and the same. This is the nature of all religions and faiths that one must understand, and therefore develop wisdom. Merely looking at the outer difference and fighting over, is foolish.

People think they are service minded, they are compassionate, they are loving; this is also a kind of attachment. The ego that comes from animal or human qualities are easy to get rid off. But the ego that comes from thinking we are better than others because we are more compassionate and kind, is the most difficult to shed. But humans are such that they take credit for anything good, and blame God for any failure or negativity.”

The Mexican devotees prayed to Swami saying they wanted to open a ‘Centre of Excellence’. Swami asked them what is Excellence? Swami Himself went on to say, ‘Achieving Divinity is Excellence. One who achieves Divinity, achieves the highest level of perfection. We must help people to go towards God – that is real centre of excellence.”

Swami referred to a painting of Michaelangelo on the wall of the room in the house where the Hand of God and hand of man is coming together. Swami said it is almost there but not there. “Let us close that gap to becoming one! By the time I come next time, the two fingers should meet”, He concluded.

Lunch was served to Swami and all the devotees thereafter, and the Lord retired for the afternoon. During lunch, which was a mix of Mexican and South Indian food, the owner of the house, Mrs Erma came along with other ladies to serve food to Swami. Swami noticed her and said, “Your husband, the one with long moustache and a double chin came in his favourite dress of white shirt and black trousers, to greet me and seek my blessings this morning.”

The lady was in tears for it was her wish that her late husband should have been here to get the blessings of Swami on such an important day, but unfortunately as she had lost him a few years ago she could not share her joy of hosting Swami with him. But had prayed in the morning for Swami to bless him too, and Swami did fulfil her prayers!

Even Brother Madhusudan conveyed that he did notice a tall white man with long moustache and dressed in white and blank, entered through the closed main door and came towards Swami and bowed down, when the Satsangh was going on. Swami told Madhusudan, ” Husband”.

As Mrs Erma came out, she was totally uncontrollable, and said that every word the Lord said was true!

Chihuahua, Mexico – June 22, 2016 – Evening Session :

As Swami emerged from His room to proceed for the evening public Satsang, He noticed Mr Tigrett standing and asked, “Did you have your coffee?” This sounded like an ordinary enquiry, but to Mr Tigrett it was a revelation of Swami’s omniscience yet again, as while he and Mr Sreenivas were waiting for Swami to emerge, they had planned for a coffee, but even before their coffee arrived, Swami came out and enquired!

The satsang venue, El Teatro De Camara, was a 10 min drive away in the city centre, in an auditorium designed as an amphitheatre, with the stage lower than the seats. Swami was greeted outside the auditorium by the traditional dancers of the original tribes that inhabited Mexico, before the Spanish invaded. The dance was meant to be performed for Gods and so it did! The dancers were dressed in bright red dresses, with shiny embroidered designs that glittered in the evening sunlight. Swami was amused to see little children aged 3-4 years dancing too, revealed Brother Madhusudan. The Lord stood for a while watching the performance, and after they had finished He proceeded to the hall.

Devotees, about 300 were already seated and bhajans were in progress when Swami entered the hall. It was the first time that devotees in Mexico had gathered to experience this divine phenomenon, and the anticipation of the upcoming program was written on their faces.

Soon after Swami and the guests took their seats, the dancers were back again to perform for Swami and the audience. After their performance, Ms Rosario, welcomed Swami in Spanish, and introduced the first speaker Mr Isaac Tigrett.

Mr Tigrett, recollected the opening of the first Hard Rock Cafe in Mexico where the natives who were descendants of the original Mexicans, the native Mayan tribes, were employed. Though the neighbouring businessmen paid them much less, Mr Tigrett decided to pay them at par with those in other cafes around the world, which being higher, invited the anger of the other business people. But he stood by the values of his business of equality and respect, as taught by Baba and braved all the threats only to come out victorious. He was happy to be back in this land after several years, and praised the simplicity and spiritual culture of the country. He said that in the last two years while travelling with Baba, He has noticed that Swami is more emphatic then ever before in urging devotees to truly believe in their divine nature. “I Am God” is the three lettered mantra, which everyone should repeat everyday and constantly remember this truth. He believed in this simply because Swami says so! “Swami is here again to rejuvenate the spiritual culture of this country”, he concluded.

Mr C Sreenivas spoke next in his inimitable style, by picking up a word suffused with a thought of that country. He chose the word ” Grazia ” which means “Thank you”. He said that since the time the entourage had stepped in to Mexico, this was one word that was being constantly told by everyone around, which showed the culture of humility and gratitude. He recollected the incident from the past, where in a lady from Mexoco during an interview with Swami, conveyed her feelings by saying “Grazia”. Swami enquired about its meaning, which was told to Him as “Thank you”. Swami said, “In thank you, there are two, I and you. But in truth there is only one. I and you are one!” He emphasised that it is this oneness that had brought all together in His presence that day. He said, “It is a blessing beyond our comprehension to be here today, and now in this divine presence.” He recollected the wonderful statement that Swami often makes now, not heard before 2011, “I have no body, but now your bodies are mine. I shall work through you.” He said, “It’s a blessing that we all can become His bodies, and let Him work through us thereby truly finding a meaning and purpose to our lives given by Him.” He concluded by expressing his joy and gratitude to the people of Mexico for their hospitality.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy was the next to speak, who pondered over the very incident that happened that morning when the people of Britain decided to separate from the European Union. “In a world that is being divided due to selfishness and self interest, Swami is striving to unite all”, he said. Quoting from the scriptures, he emphasised that it’s the narrow minded people who distinguish between their own and others, but for the broad minded, the whole world is a family. “Though this wonderful couplet was composed by a sage centuries ago, when the convenience, transportation and communication did not exist like today and perhaps the maximum, one would know about is his own village. Even at such times, a seer could have the broad mindedness to call not his village or town or country, but the whole world as one family.” Quoting an incident from Einstein’s life when the scientist who’s formula was used for the atomic bomb explosions during the World War II, was asked as to what would be the weapons people would fight, if there was a Third World War, Einstein had said, “I am not sure about the weapons that would be used in the third world war, but if there were to be a fourth world war, I am sure that people would fight with sticks and stones, for everything else would have been destroyed by then.” Sri Narasimha Murthy continued by saying, “Humanity stands today at the verge of such danger that threatens to destroy the peace and harmony in the world, the only hope lies in the spiritual teachings of Baba. Baba often said that all hands and feet are His, all eyes and heads belong to Him; He pervades all. It’s time for us to take up his teachings to our heart and work as Him!”

Swami spoke thereafter, and echoing the sentiments of the three speakers, He said that peace in today’s world is declining due to lack of Love for God, Fear of Sin and falling Humanness in humans. The solution to this situation lies in developing love for God. Just as a tree flourishes when the roots are watered, the tree of this society would grow when the spiritual roots are nourished. Though in Mexico, people over the years have changed their way of life, yet the spiritual culture is still there deep down in a dormant state. Even if the tree is cut, if the roots are alive, it can grow again. Likewise the tree of Mexican societal values might have been cut down due to invasions and modern ways, but the ancient roots of spirituality are still alive.” Swami is here to nourish it in order to bring back its glorious spiritual past!

Swami mentioned that the restlessness in the world will end when each developed faith in his or her own divinity which is the true nature. “A mirror covered by a sheet, dust and darkness cannot show the true reflection, like wise due to the curtain of body consciousness, the dust of selfishness and the darkness of ignorance we are unable to see our true reflection in our own hearts.”

God is not to be found outside but He is the divinity within, which all need to rediscover. He mentioned that it was the prayers of devotees of Mexico that had drawn Him here. Just as devotees like to be with God, so does God, who likes to be with His devotees!

He answered a few questions thereafter. When a Devotee asked, ” Baba! How can we help you in your current mission?” , Swami replied, “My mission is not building institutions of health and education, but it’s transformation of human in to divine. And I will not stop until the last person is transformed! If you can put efforts and transform yourself in to divine, you will truly help me. Just as a teacher wants all the students to pass, so I want all the people to realise their divinity. If you get transformed then I have one person less to work on!”

Another young man who was a special person, an autistic boy, asked, “How can I serve others considering my condition?” Swami was touched by his question and said, “You are special, for you have been chosen by God to remind others to be grateful for their blessings, and be contented with what they already have instead of complaining for more. Maintain a positive attitude and smile always, reminding all others to have the same. This is the Seva you can do!”

After the session, Swami asked the group of singers to sing a few Mexican songs, which He enjoyed. He blessed them all to come to India and sing for Him in November, which made them all very ecstatic!

After Arathi, dinner Prasadam was given to all, as Swami headed back to the home of the hostess.