Divine Visit – Japan – 20 March, 2016 (Evening)

The evening session was a public satsang and over 200 devotees had gathered at the Amagi Sanso Chapel. Bhagawan was welcomed amidst the sacred chants of Rudram, and the energy of love which engulfed the air was enigmatic.
Brother Genzo Makino, who along with wife are the hosts of Bhagawan in Japan, welcome the gathering and offered loving gratitude on behalf of all the devotees to dear Bhagawan. Sri C Sreenivas was the first speaker of the evening, and he stressed on the important aspect of faith. He urged all gathered to seize the moment of Bhagawan’s mission.

Sri BN Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering thereafter. He vividly recalled the six phases of 16 years each in the Avataric sojourn. The six phases are: Leela (1926-1942), Mahima (1942 – 1958), Upadesh (1958 – 1974), Vidya (1990 – 2006) and Sanathana Dharma (2006 – 2022). He also vividly described about Swami in the subtle and about the ongoing mission. For the benefit of all gathered, Brother Makino translated all the talks to Japanese.

Bhagawan started His divine discourse  with a quote from the Vedas which prays that all should be happy, healthy, see auspiciousness around, and no one should be sorrowful. He said that this prayer is common to all cultures and faiths. All believe that everyone should be happy and healthy. But how? It’s only when we all realise the divinity within and without, love and serve, that we can truly be happy and healthy (free from Bhava Roga or disease of worldliness).

“In the old days,, when there were no planes, if we had to come to Japan, it was by sea. That was be a long & arduous journey. Now it’s so easy, & we can land in Japan. There are many paths to reach God and realise one’s divinity; of all the paths Selfless service is the supreme. By serving, one can reach faster, like taking a flight to Japan, though the sea route is also an option.
Man’s true purpose is to serve others. People in Japan pray to Nature. They have Gods & Goddesses dedicated to various aspects of Nature. Do you know why we worship seemingly inert objects also as divine. Because all these aspects of nature are only giving & not taking. Trees bear fruits; they do not eat their own fruits. Rivers & cow do not drink their own water or milk. Likewise, this body has been given to serve others. Because nature serves, it is worshipped as God. All those and all that who serve selflessly, become Divine.” Bhagawan explained that this was a journey of ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘He’ of realising one’s own divinity.

He continued by saying, “Here I am telling you the secret of happiness. If you want to be happy, make others happy. And the happiness you give others, will come back to you manifolds. This is the law of abundance, which is the fundamental of Japanese culture too. For they consider that in giving they receive. In loving, they are loved. This fundamental principle must be followed irrespective of religion. Every time a selfish thought emerges, it is nothing but the lower animal thought. Every time you replace a selfish thought with a selfless one, you are going towards divinity. Great pilgrimage from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘He’ can be undertaken step by step. By sitting in one place, no one has reached anywhere. With courage if you move forward, it takes you closer to your destination. Happiness is definitely not lying in the world outside. You may spend all your energy & entire life, trying to find happiness, but you cannot find it outside. You can only find it inside!”

Bhagawan narrated  story of an old lady who lost her needle. She searched hard, but found no luck. A boy passing asked if he could help.She readily agreed, but both couldn’t find the needle. After a while, another man passed by and joined the search. All the three of them searched for a long time. An old wise man came by and looking at their plight asked what they were looking for. They said they were looking for the needle that was lost. He asked the lady where did she lose the needle, and to everyone’s surprise, she said she lost it at home! Taken aback, the wise man asked why was she searching on the street. The old lady replied that since there was no light at home, she began searching outside! Wise man rebuked her foolish pursuit, and said she should search where the needle was lost, and advised her that she should take a lamp, go inside and begin her search.

Bhagawan said, “ This is the plight of human beings today! They are looking for happiness all around the world. They think by great acts of achievements, or by a large family or by progeny, they can attain happiness. It is not by amassing lot of wealth too. If that was how happiness was to be found, why are people still unhappy? They are truly not happy, but do not want to let you know that all their life has been wasted. They put on a smiling mask. They are too scared to accept that what they pursued was a total waste. Happiness in not hidden in all these places. It is lying right within you. Light the lamp of love, & search for happiness inside you. Don’t be like the foolish lady & look for it outside, just because the light is outside.

“I feel pained when you look at old civilizations like India & Japan. Values of peace & contentment have been taught to them. But it is the ill effects of these changing times, they have forgotten. Hence the reason of downfall of such great civilisations. Take pride in your culture. Understand the great truths which have been passed on to you from generations. Find joy & peace within & be happy! Do not be fooled by the dazzle outside.”

In the short Q&A session that followed, Bhagawan explained the law of karma and reincarnation, when posed with a question about the slaughter of animals that are widely prevalent. Swami said that in the first place everyone should understand the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. He said that the entire world is governed by the Law of Karma. Karma – if you sow a seed of lemon, you will get lemons & not mangoes. Whatever you do today, will come back to you at some point in time. Some actions have immediate reactions, some have delayed ones. Based on actions we perform in this life, the consequences have to be experienced. These two govern the universe. When we kill these animals for our selfish pursuits, they graduate &  come back as humans quickly. They must make the person responsible, experience the consequences of his action. One who made them suffer, has to suffer in turn. Animals reincarnating as humans are growing at a rapid pace! Hence the decline in quality of humans! Swami also said that the slaughter of animals leads to their reincarnation as humans with animalistic tendencies, which is why there is a rise in selfishness, hatred, conflicts and chaos!

After mangala arathi and dinner, Bhagawan proceeded with His entourage to Izukogen to retire for the night.