Divine Visit – Darsham, Suffolk, UK – April 11, 2017 (Evening)

A short five minutes drive from Sai Grace, in the midst of acres of lush green land was the Satsang venue, The High Lodge. Colourful pheasants running along the way seemed to be reflecting the magnificent sky, with its myriad hues of the setting sun. Over 150 people had gathered, and Swami entered the venue amidst soulful Bhajans offered by the Sai youth. Rev Leonora welcomed Bhagawan and all the devotees, and expressed her deep love and gratitude to Him. The evening began with a musical offering by Ms Sonja Venturi from Italy and Mr Dimitris Lambrianos. Her soulful singing combined with the divine musical prowess of Mr Dimitris elevated the energy levels many notches higher. 

Mr Issac Tigrett, the first speaker of the evening joined Swami’s entourage in London. It was indeed joyful hearing him speak after many months. He expressed his happiness to be back and join the entourage for the upcoming visits, and reiterated Swami’s message ‘All are One’ as he said, “One of the most important things of all is to really understand this collective consciousness which is what Swami has been saying over and over again ‘All is one’, there are no individuals. I look at this crowd: it is like this big, cosmic ball of energy and you are all here, concentrating on Him and you are in a place which you weren’t yesterday.”

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker spoke about perfection, and said, “We are all seekers and pursuers of perfection. That is the journey we are all in. That we, a small section of this vast humanity are here to connect with that Presence, which is in many ways more real than the person sitting next to you, but in the form of a Presence because it is so experiential. Pursuance of perfection is every single soul’s lifetime pursuit. Every moment we wish to fill it with perfection.”

Sri Sreenivas went on to speak about the Sanjeevani Hospital, and the perfect moments one experiences every single day when a life is saved and when the parents are happy knowing well that their child has survived. He concluded his inspirational talk by saying, “Four-and-a-half years back it was a piece of agricultural land and for generations, for a hundred, a thousand years, millions will walk in and take back the most priceless gift of all the God’s creation: human life. Perfection is what God created. Perfection is what we aspire for. Perfection is the moment that beckons us and we are now living this moment in sublime perfection!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering next and continued the thought of the previous two speakers. He said, “Perfection is possible only in the spirit, when we are bound and limited to body-mind complex nothing can be perfect. That’s why Baba keeps on reminding us, body is a water bubble, mind is a mad monkey – don’t follow them, follow your heart, follow the spirit and that is what is perfection. What is the perfect experience possible for any human being? Baba has many times spoken about it, in fact that is the only thing He speaks about and the Upanishads capture this moment of perfection, perfection in the experience of the spirit in a very beautiful stanza which Baba also is very fond of.” Sri Narasimha Murthy quoted “YASMIN SARVANI BHUTANI, ATMAIVABHUD VIJANATAH, TATRA KO KOHAH KASSOKA, EKATVAM ANUPASYATAH”, and explained the meaning of the profound stanza from the Upanishads, which captures the highest wisdom – ‘For a person who sees himself in all the beings, and has experienced oneness with all creation, where is any grief, where is any misery or attachment?’ 

He also narrated an experience from the book of Brother Madhusudan, ‘The Story Divine’, when Swami had sent him along other a few other alumni to the Himalayas a few summers ago. When Brother Madhusudan saw himself standing in front of Lord Shiva in Mount Kailash, he asked Him when will all the misery in the world end. What Lord Shiva said is exactly the purport of the above stanza from the Upanishads, “All misery will end when you realise that the one who loves you, and the one who hates you is one and the same. All misery will end when you realise that one who praises you and the one who criticises you, ridicules you and blames you, is one. All misery will end when you realise that one who helps you and hurts you, is one and the same!”

Bhagawan in His divine discourse spoke about the Atma Tatwam, and said “To realise it is there within us, we have to just remove all that covers it and makes us get into the illusion that we are not that which we truly are. How do we do this? Some people take the path of Yoga, some people take the path of Jnana, some people take the path of Bhakti – in all kinds of ways this impurity can be removed and purity can be attained, but to Me the easiest and the surest path of doing it is Seva. Seva is a combination of all the paths together. There is Karma Yoga as you do Seva without any expectations and with the feeling that you are serving none other than God. It is Jnana Yoga because you are doing it with the awareness that it is God alone who is serving and who is being served. And Bhakti Yoga, because you are doing it not out of some compulsion or force, but out of source of the joy, of the love that you have within for God. A combination of all the three is Seva and that is the Yoga, union that it confers upon us. Only action which is rendered with great selflessness and love is perfect action. Any action that causes a reaction, cannot be a perfect action. Only actions which are having no reaction or no consequences for oneself are perfect actions and only selfless actions are perfect actions. Therefore, go back and achieve that perfection that you always are, removing all that which is imperfect, which is not you is the first step to attain that and the easiest way to do it is to serve others, love others. For, love and service are not two different things. The one who loves will always serve, the one who serves will always love. They are not two different things, they are the two sides of the same coin.”

Swami playfully remarked in His discourse that, ” Though the host lady ( Reverend Leonara) mentioned that on a week day so many of you have come from far off places to show your commitment to Swami, however you must not forget that I too have come to meet you all the way to show my commitment to you. I am always committed to my devotees and their welfare.” 

Blessings all that they would lead pure lives of perfection in union with their divine selves, Swami concluded His discourse. 

Mangala Arati was offered to Swami after which He returned to Sai Grace to rest for the night, while all others had their dinner Prasadam at the venue.