Divine Visit – Santa Clara, USA – June 18, 2016

It was a very early start to the day, as the journey from San Jose to the residence of Dr Ram Setty and Smt Usha Setty, at Clara was almost four hours. ‘Sai Arpanam’ was getting decked, with last minute preparations underway to receive God! Swami and His entourage reached ‘Sai Arpanam’ close to noon. As soon as Swami sat down in a beautifully decorated throne, He lightly commented that Like Sage Durvasa and his forty disciples ever ready to eat, I have landed up here in Sai Arpanam. Swami said Sage Durvasa was a sage who could be easily pleased and angered. His anger would result in a curse always. Swami compared the nature of the Sage to Lord Shiva, and said that both were similar with regard to their temperaments. However there is one difference, with Lord Shiva the principle is of reflection, reaction and resound. If we love God, He reflects and manifests the love multi fold. If we say anything against God, it will come back as a reflection of the same thoughts. God only magnifies. When Draupadi offered a leaf to Krishna praying for protection from Sage Durvasa and his disciples who was waiting to be fed, Lord Krishna took one leaf but multiplied in a way that all the bellies of Durvasa and his disciples were filled. Same Draupadi when tied a bandage on the bleeding finger of Krishna, it came to her rescue as yards and yards of saree in the court of Kauravas. What good you do, it amplifies and comes back to you. God is just a witness; He will not change the quality of the offering. How God behaves with us, depends on how we behave with God.” Indeed a very powerful statement!

After spending some precious moments with everyone, Swami had His lunch. Family interviews and brief rest was the order thereafter He came back again to Bhajan hall, talked to all briefly an gave away gifts to all. After Mangala Aarthi, the entourage proceeded to the San Luis Obispo airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

The drive from the Los Angeles airport to Newport Beach, Irvine was close to an hour through traffic. It was an evening of rest, and after dinner, everyone called it a day albeit a long day!