Divine Visit – Boston, USA – June 12 and 13, 2016

Day Three – Ottawa to Boston, USA :

After an early lunch, Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded to the airport for the next leg of the Divine Visit to Boston. Sri Bharat Patel and his family welcomed everyone warmly at the Logan International Airport, and after loading all the bags into a convoy of white cars, the entourage was led to Bedford. Boston, known for its rich culture, is one of the oldest cities in USA. Mention the word Boston, and History lessons from school about the Boston Tea Party come gushing back into memory. And of course, Boston is also synonymous with Harvard and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

The entourage arrived at a very beautiful property, spread across two acres, which was the residence of a friend of Sri Bharat Patel and his wife Smt Sheila, and incidentally his name was also Sri Bharat Patel! It was a perfect example of what Swami often says, “union of man, nature and God!”

Swami manifested at the entrance of the house, amidst bhajans which were sung by the family members who had gathered to welcome Swami. Thereafter, Swami spoke to everyone for a few minutes, before retiring to His room. He reminded everyone that the world belongs to God, and we are only using what God has given us. “We are all travellers on our path to God.” With this attitude, and the feeling that nothing belongs to us, we will definitely have peace. Swami urged everyone to get rid of desire and attachment, only then peace can be experienced.

Dinner was served in a short while, and everyone retired after a long day.

Day Four – Boston, USA :

After breakfast, everyone gathered at the living room for Swami’s discourse, afterwhich a tour to Harvard University and the famous Harvard Square was organised. Swami beckoned Sri B Narasimha Murthy to say a few words. He spoke about faith and importance of God realisation. He explained about Manushyatvam (human birth), Mumukshatvam (desire for liberation) and Mahapurusha Samshrayaha (company of the noble ones), that these three are rare to find, and Swami has granted all the three to us. Sri Narasimha Murthy reminded everyone about Swami’s promise to coming to Boston. “He is here; His words don’t fail.”

Sri Sreenivas spoke next about an inscrutable word that Swami instils in everyone: Faith! “As Swami time and again has been telling us, faith is believing in what you cannot see. Fact is knowing what you can see. What a beautiful statement which is really the essence of all philosophy in life – Anything that you wish to achieve is faith. And with Swami by our side, with Swami always with us, if we could only connect to Him, like how this morning this happened which I am sure we thought is going to be a distant dream and impossible impossibility, it just evaporated because Swami, like always, like every time, You with us make things possible.”

Swami in His short discourse stressed on the importance of a Guru. He said, “Without a guru, one cannot achieve the goal of one’s life. It is true for a student who goes to a school to learn his lessons – he needs a teacher, it is equally true for a spiritual aspirant who wants to attain the highest wisdom – he also needs a teacher. Without a teacher, one will not be able to achieve what needs to be achieved easily. Therefore, in our scriptures, in our culture and in the cultures of all the countries, role of a guru has been very exemplified.

First teaching Swami always taught is, “You are the embodiments of divinity, embodiments of love,” – always addressed all of us not as human beings but as divine beings. This first lesson at Guru’s Feet that we are all divine beings, if we believe, everything else will follow. The one who believes in the word of the guru definitely achieves what has got to be achieved.

Though I have told this many, many times over many, many years and decades, very few truly believe that they are really divine. They hear it from one ear and take it out from the other, nothing goes inside. Such disciples will not benefit even if the highest of gurus come and teach!”

Swami then asked His entourage to leave for the sight seeing around Boston. After a wonderful tour of the historic city dotted with Colleges and Universities, everyone returned to the Patel residence for lunch.