Divine Visit to Gulbarga – Day Five – June 03, 2016 (Morning)

An early start to the day witnessed a confluence of students, staff, devotees from surrounding areas and alumni of the campus, at the Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam, the very first school campus inaugurated in November 2012 by the Lord, after He left His mortal coil. There was a festive vibe in the air and the Sri Sathya Sai Saraswati Boys Hostel, the new building ready to be inaugurated by Bhagawan, seemed to gleam with delight! Both the magnificent edifices, the Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam and the Sri Sathya Sai Saraswati Boys Hostel, stand testimony to the continuing mission of Bhagawan. Can mere mortals plan, build and execute these architectural marvels in a time frame of 10 months?! Possible only with Divine intervention, and of course the added blessing of direct Divine presence!

Soon after breakfast, the Lord was all set to reach the venue set for the grand inauguration. Bhagawan reached the Hostel building amidst Veda chanting by the students. The Vice Chancellor of the Central University, Gulbarga, Prof H M Maheshwaraiah was present as a special Guest of Honour at the event. He cut the ribbon, unveiled the plaque and formally inaugurated the hostel building, in the Divine Presence.

Swami, along with the guests walked through the corridors of the hostel building, and even entered one of the rooms to check if everything was in order. He was glad and commented that, such a big hostel building is not there elsewhere! When some wondered as to why a place like Gulbarga would need such a large hostel, Swami in His indomitable style revealed, “There is a master plan, and whatever is built now, must last 50 years or more. There is much more to what we witness presently.” Swami has always reminded everyone, “Don’t question me, simply follow!”

Later, Brother Madhusudan beautifully explained the look in Swami’s eyes. He said, “Swami was like a child! With much inquisitiveness, He walked around, looking and observing everything.”

Swami then called for those who had helped in the construction work, and blessed them with clothes. “This building also commands a beautiful view of the valley around, and it is a joy to live amidst nature in the most modern infrastructure. This is an ancient gurukula, with modern amenities.” Swami thereafter proceeded to the football ground, which was converted into the function venue for the morning. As His car drove past the football ground, He remembered that Sri Indulal Ji and family had arrived by a specially arranged helicopter on Swami’s insistence for the inauguration of this campus in Nov, 2012.

Swami invited the guests from Singapore to join Him on the dais, along with senior administrative staff from the Trust. The devotees from Singapore have been a pillar of support for the Gulbarga campus, and many other campuses too. Sacrifice and devotion are two aspects which each one needs to learn from these humble devotees. Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam, Honourable Member of Parliament, joined all the guests on stage. He has been closely associated with the campus since its inception, and was much delighted to see the campus beautifully blossoming. Another guest of Honour was Sri B S Yedyurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and current President of the Karnataka BJP.

Sri Govinda Reddy, Chairman of the Gulbarga campus delivered the Welcome Address, and recollected the journey of the campus, since day one. He reminded everyone how Swami has brought the best of facilities to such a remote area. He also thanked Swami for the wonderful achievement of the Grade 10 students, with 100% results. This year out of the 67 students who appeared, 60 of them secured distinction and 19 of them secured above 95% marks! He said that all this was possible with the efforts of the students and teachers, but more importantly with the grace of Bhagawan.

Dr Ravi Pillay, on behalf of all the devotees from Singapore, was the next to address all gathered, on Swami’s command. He told the students that the facilities at the campus were at par with schools in cities and even countries like Singapore! He reminded the students of their great fortune of being able to study in Swami’s institutions, the rarest of the rare blessing! “Swami has always wanted nothing but the best for His students. Nurturing a heart that beats for others, more than developing heads with knowledge and hands with skills, should be the goal.” He urged them to foster the feeling of brotherhood and love for each other.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke thereafter about the continuing mission of Swami, even after His physical departure. He recollected the instance from September 2011, when Swami sent him to Gulbarga to make three unique announcements – 1. Bhoomi Puja before Swami’s birthday in November 2011 for a 50-acre campus in Gulbarga; 2. By June 2012, the first batch of students will start studying; and 3. By November 2012, exactly a year from the Bhoomi Puja, a grand edifice will be inaugurated! Though he was not confident about all the three announcements, being a loyal servant of Swami, he made them as per the Divine Command, at the cost of being judged as someone who had lost his mind, after Swami left His mortal coil! But the rest is history, as all the three announcements fructified because of His Vajra Sankalpa!

Today, there are 21 Institutions in 10 campuses, across 8 districts of Karnataka. He also mentioned about Swami’s continuing healthcare mission, with the establishment of the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh in Central India, which has completed over 2000 free pediatric cardiac surgeries for patients from across India, and many countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, amongst others. He spoke about the new Pediatric Cardiac Care Hospital which is due to be inaugurated in New Delhi in November 2016. He also spoke about Swami’s subtle form and Brother Madhusudan, serving Swami as His communicator, for the benefit of many who were attending and experiencing the Lord in this form for the very first time.

Students who has scored above 95% marks in their examination were awarded a plaque by Sri Yedyurappa and Sri Maheshwaraiah. Thereafter Sri Yedyurappa addressed the gathering, and acknowledged the services rendered by Dr Ravi Pillay and the devotees from Singapore. He recalled his earlier visits to Puttaparthi where he was blessed to meet Swami. He echoed that only Swami has been able to take up and execute unique projects, with the message of love and service! He congratulated the team who is furthering the mission of Swami and emphatically said that Bhagawan’s words can never fail, and the State of Karantaka will see the 30 Institutions, one in each district as envisioned by the Lord!

Sri Maheshwaraiah was the next speaker, who said that he has been visiting the campus for a few months now, but every time he comes, the campus has something new to offer! He congratulated Sri Govinda Reddy for striving hard and driving the various aspects of the institution. He also expressed his deep desire to visit the campus more frequently, and teach Bhagawan’s very own innocent and pure children. He put it in record that the infrastructure at the campus, was far better than the Universities and Colleges in cities.

Thereafter, Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam addressed the audience. He echoed the sentiments of Sri Yedyurappa and Sri Maheshwaraiah saying that the Institution has brought a very good name not only to Gulbarga, but also to Karnataka. He said that this is a unique contribution of Bhagawan to the people, and was very grateful to the Lord for bringing back the glory of Mother India by offering education which not only imparts secular and worldly knowledge, but also equips them with spiritual truths.

One of the alumni from the Gulbarga campus who hailed from the Navanihala, the place where the campus is located spoke briefly and said that of all the things that he has learnt here, the lesson of good conduct has helped him a lot. He narrated an incident where students of his class were discussing the behavior and inappropriate conduct of various students, but however hard they tried they were unable to find any when it came to the ‘Sai Student’. He was confident that students of Swami will, by His grace be part of the grand mission, and will stand as ideals for the rest to follow.

Swami started His discourse with a famous poem ‘Khanda Khandanthara’, which describes the glory of this country of India, where great men have taken birth. The country that has succeeded in winning over the enemies, and blessed with literature art and music in abundance and has shown its provice to the world in these fields. The entire country so beautiful that it seems as if it’s decorated with paintings! To protect the honour of Mother India is the responsibility of the students, teachers and the devotees. Swami went to explain that a country is not about the land, but about its people. In a country where people are there who sacrifice, such a country alone can prosper. Further elaborating on how a country can be great and how the people of a country can be great, Swami reiterated a formula which He revealed during the National Youth Meet 2016, which was held a few days ago in Muddenahalli. “Education that teaches devotion to God, can alone make the country great. Roots of devotion to God must be nurtured in order to have the tree of ‘Papa Bheeti’ or fear for sin, with branches of ‘Sangha Neeti’ or morality in society”.

“People are busy with policies, spending many crores conducting conferences and organising various programmes through law and order, to develop morality in society! But, without devotion to God this is not possible. Fear of Sin cannot be enforced through law and order. It might rise out of love for God”.

“In our Institutions, apart from secular education, greater emphasis is given to nurturing devotion to God in the hearts of young students.”

Swami said that if devotion to God , Bhakthi, is present, Shakti ( strength) , Yukti ( intelligence) and Mukti ( liberation) will follow. He urged the students to use the opportunity well, which is unique. He said God accepts four offerings – Patram (leaf), Pushpam (flower), Phalam ( fruit) and Thoyam (water). But there is an inner significance behind all the four. “Out of devotion to God, one should offer the body which is like a banana leaf, and the senses and various pleasures are like the tasty dished served on the leaf. A heart full of love is like a flower full of nectar, and this flower of the heart must be offered to God. The results or fruits of all our actions are the real fruits that must be offered to God. Finally thoyam is not the water from sacred rivers not even tears of pain, but it is tears of bliss arising out of love for God, that must be offered. When we have love for God we will desist from engaging in words, thoughts and deeds which will displease Him. Out of love we will always engage in meritorious deeds, so that the results are also meritorious, and worth offering to the Lord.”

Swami told the students that whatever they do, it must be to please God! He urged them to inculcate these at a young age, and not keep it for later. “When the body is young, hearts are pure and deeds are sacred. When we have love for God in our hearts, these four kinds of offerings can be made.” He reminded students that the real purpose of education is ‘Adhyatma Vidya’ or ‘to know the knowledge of the self Divine!’ He concluded his talk by blessing everyone to utilise this opportunity well.

All the dignitaries were honored with a shawl soon after Bhagawan’s discourse. Mangala Arathi was offered to Bhagawan.