Divine Visit to Nigeria – Lagos – July 24, 2016

Day Two of Bhagawan’s visit to Nigeria was set in the residences of Sri Anant Rao and Sri Ricky Sharma. The rain played its own role, and washed the roads to receive the Lord!

The Satsang in the morning was hosted in the house of Sri Anant Rao, and after breakfast, Bhagawan proceeded to his residence. The house was abuzz with activity and Brother Anant’s wife Smt Kamala was at the helm of affairs, looking after every single detail. As Swami arrived, He was welcomed with traditional drums and the Purna Khumbam. The living room was already packed to its brim with devotees, youth and alumni, to spend a blissful Sunday morning with the Lord. After a few bhajans, Swami asked all gathered to have their breakfast that had been arranged at Brother Anant’s residence, as all had been eagerly preparing to welcome the Lord, and hence breakfast was the last item on their agenda.

As everyone reassembled, Swami asked Sri Narasimha Murthy to speak. Sri Narasimha Murthy began by recounting an occasion in Singapore early this year, when Swami while visiting Dr Kesavan and Dr Roshni’s residence, had explained the difference between a house, home and heaven. A house, Swami had said “is a building made of brick and mortar. A home is where people live together, and love each other unconditionally; Heaven is when we install God in our homes.” He urged everyone to make the journey inwards and find the inherent God who resides in every heart.

Sri C Sreenivas addressed all gathered next, and expressed how he felt immense Love in the room that morning. The Love that the devotees gathered had for their beloved Lord; the continuing Love that Swami had for His devotees in Nigeria. Reminding everyone the oneness in all, he reiterated that the only affirmative definition of ‘us’ that Swami had brought, is the oneness of all.

The much awaited discourse of Bhagawan followed on the lines of the preceding talks, underlining the importance of looking inward and discovering one’s true identity. He likened man’s situation like that of the ‘Kasturi’ deer, which goes seeking for the source of the scent which in fact emanates from its own body. Further, instructing in the process of going inward, the benevolent Lord gave the example that of a lamp which though has a flame burning yet is unable to give light due to the dark soot that covers the glass and hides the flame. “We too are divine and the flame of divinity is burning bright within but we are unable to benefit due to the impurities arising out of selfishness and self interest that hide it. Clean yourself up pure with the soap of service and water of love and be bright and shiny again”. “Man should realise the temporal nature of the body which like all things temporary, changes with space, time and circumstances. The only thing that is permanent is the Armic principle which gives eternal joy. Bhajans and Satsang in themselves do not constitute Daiva Preethi. Love and service both are very essential”, Swami reiterated.

The evening session at the home of Sri Ricky Sharma and Smt Komal Sharma was a private and intimate gathering, with around 30 invited devotees and family. Swami beautifully transformed the evening into a musical evening, suffused with divine love filling the room with the soulful singing of Brother Sumeet Tappoo, Brother Nishaad and others. The evening was a treat with each song taking everyone to the next level of ecstasy. The intimate setting of the living room of the beautiful home and small group, only enhanced the intensity of the experience. Swami asked the singers to sing particular songs, songs that He liked. Thereafter, Swami spoke briefly about the importance of devotion, and explained the nine types of devotion as prescribed in sacred texts with examples. “Listening (King Parikshitha), singing (Valmiki), chanting (Prahalada) , worshiping ( by offering leaf of body, flower of heart, fruit of all actions and waters of blissful tears) , praying (Kunti), serving the Lotus Feet ( Lakshmi), servitude ( Hanuman) , friendship ( Arjuna & Uddhava) and surrender ( Bali Chakravarthi). You have nine choices; choose any and you will reach God. Easiest of all is to listen to God’s glory, by participating in a spiritual gathering or Satsang of devotees which will pave your way to self-realisation.”

After dinner prasadam, the day concluded with the songs and music from the evening still ringing in each one’s mind, leaving everyone wanting for more.

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