Kodai Updates Are Back!

Here we are again after an year..the place where it all began! Where the joy was too much to withhold so it burst forth into several loving thoughts that swiftly metamorphosed into sweet nectarine words and flew away as colourful blissful updates on the happenings with the Lord in Kodai.

“Divine updates” alias “Kodai updates” has completed an year of bringing the nectarine bliss of  Swami’s updates to all those who thirst, long and pine for the love of the Lord.  It broke boundaries and ushered all those who yearned, into His presence, virtually!
Since then it has also been the launch pad for the ” Ananda Vahini”, the weekly update and “Sai Vrinda”, the official communication website from Sathya Sai Grama.

While addressing the translators from around the world in November 2015, Swami said that purest form of communication is ‘Feeling’, for it needs no support and flows seamlessly. These feelings that emerge from heart, upon touching the mind, turn in to thoughts, which when expressed through sounds become words and when written down in symbols become books.

As we write and read these updates, we are traveling back in purity, from written to the spoken, to thinking and ultimately feeling!

So here we restart a journey of another year with the updates from Kodai 2016.

Lord is here in the Hilltop Bungalow which has been rechristened by Him as ” Ananda Ashrama” , the abode of Bliss. We arrived last night around half past eight after a day long journey from Muddenehalli which began at day break….While Swami reached in His own mysterious Skyliner!

A few staff, students and volunteers had arrived a few days earlier to make sure that all arrangements were to His satisfaction.

He was eager to meet the students, staff and guests, who upon seeing Him, forgot the tiresome travel and glittered with joy! Swami went down to the hall walked and welcomed all, after speaking and advising, joking and blessing, He went into the dining hall to look at the dinner being served, beckoned the ladies, seniors guests and small children to join Him for the dinner. Swami sat at the table placed at the centre and had His meals quickly, so that He could find more time to walk around and persuade people to eat more! A loving mother, caring father, sharing friend and guiding God all rolled in to one!

Soon we will be back with more stories of Love and laughter, sunshine and showers, bliss and benevolence from the Kodai hills. Stay tuned.

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