Rudram Ekadashini in Budapest

Our fellow brothers and sisters across many sections of the world today, wear the scars of war, of massacre, of untellable poverty. We all bear witness to the horror unfolding before our eyes – families are being brutally torn apart; millions are being displaced from their homes, having to seek asylum in foreign nations. We seem to be shrouded in a cloud of darkness, created by the storms of violence, showcasing an astute lack of empathy and humaneness.

Amidst this thick veil of desolation, our Bhagawan’s teachings serve as a beacon of hope, a silver lining, an established path through which balance and peace can be restored to this topsy- turvy world. Our loving Mother Sai has emphasized and re-emphasized on the vital role the Vedas have to play in establishing world peace and harmony. The vibrations created through the mere chanting of the Vedic Hymns, is adequate to spread the positivity of love and peace all around us, thereby benefitting not only the individual but also the surrounding environment.

Baba has said – “It (Sri Rudram) is the essence of all Vedas, i.e. Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Another important feature of the Rudram is the Ekatva (unity) between its two parts, Namaka (detachment) and Chamaka (desires). That which is evil is to be discarded and all that is good is to be desired.”

Inspired by our Swami’s divine teachings, the Veda Union of Europe was established by his ardent devotees with the objective of “uniting Europe on a spiritual level promoting unity, love and peace among all through teachings of the Vedas and recitation of sacred Vedic hymns.”

Rudram 11” is an event organized by this group, to conduct the chanting of Sri Rudram Chamakam hymns, 11 times continuously, at 11 different locations across Europe.

Though we may not all be physically present there, let us all join the chanting from our respective places around the globe, so that the benefit from this collective chanting can be amplified multi-fold and so that the vibrations of Prema (love) and Shanti (Peace) may be spread all across the world. Let us all do our bit in engaging ourselves in this act of selfless Service for our Guru, our Beloved Lord.

Date:- 26th September, 2015 (Saturday)

Time:-    10:00 – 13:30 (PST) – Budapest Local Time
13:30 – 17:00 (IST)
8:00 – 11:30 (GMT)

Further details on the Event can be found here:-
Rudram 11