Divine Visit – Singapore & Malaysia – Day One – 04 January, 2016

Stepping into the brand new year of 2016, the immense love and collective prayers of devotees from Singapore and Malaysia, drew Bhagawan to make a visit, yet again. As Swami’s entourage landed in the evening at Changi Airport on Monday, 4 September, the Singapore team which was there to receive them, welcomed everyone with such warmth and love, that is experienced across the globe when meeting others from the Sai family. It seemed as if it was just yesterday, when this devout team offered soulful carols and songs during the Christmas celebrations held at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli on December 25, 2015 at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

After a brief rest, a small group of invitees were extremely fortunate to be part of a private satsang at Sri Hiro Bhojwani’s residence. As the entourage entered the Bhojwani household, one was drawn to the calm and serenity the place exuded, as it had been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the Lord of the Universe!

The Loving Lord was greeted by the family with the traditional Purna Khumbam. As Swami took His seat in the beautiful living room, He signalled Sri Sumeet Tappoo to sing. Swami had invited Sri Sumeet Tappoo, a renowned musician and an ardent devotee of Swami from Fiji, to be a part of this divine trip. Bhagawan, the ‘Gaana Priya’ – Lover of Music, asked brother Sumeet to sing some of His favourite numbers like ‘Oh maa…Sai maa’, ‘Jaise Bhi hain an hain Sai, hum toh tere hain’. His soulful songs elevated what was already a beautiful evening, to a blissful one!

Swami then asked Sri BN Narasimha Murthy to address the intimate gathering, and speak on the topic of devotion. Sri Narasimha Murthy started by quoting the life of Karl Jung, the renowned psychologist. Karl Jung had reached a point in his life when he recognised there existed a spirit, that is higher than the mind. Sri Narasimha Murthy said modern society has many problems and is restless as people are disconnected with the spirit. He said, parents are not sharing their spiritual property with their children, which has led to unhappy families, and individuals with no peace of mind. Professing that the key to peace in the world lies in the heart of man, he drew everyone’s attention to how Swami is precisely bringing about this kind of change through His educational institutions. Quoting Swami, Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “There are no bad children, only bad parents and teachers.” At the close of his talk he asked everyone to stay in communion with the God within them, as this is the lesson Swami continues to teach every moment of our lives.

Swami then graced the gathering with His Divine Discourse, and began with a story of a boy whose faith that Lord Krishna was protecting him, had indeed led to the Lord manifesting, and watching over him. This underlined the importance of faith in this world. Bhagawan said, “If one does not believe God exists, then for him God does not exist. If one has the faith God exists, then for him, He does!” Swami gave a series of examples of how faith featured in various aspects of our lives, like going to bed every night with the faith that one will wake up the next morning, to complete the unfinished tasks from the previous day. He went on to say, “Faith is fundamental to human consciousness. It is this faith that sees man through ups and downs, good and bad times, and through all kinds of dualities of this world. If one has faith, one will not be prone to developing a ego during the good times, and will perceive it as a gift of God. Similarly if something unpleasant happens, one will think God knows why it is happening, and He is taking care of things and hence, there is no need for him to be disappointed or dejected. Only then, will he lead a life of happiness. Happiness is the true hallmark of a devotee! Peace and happiness are fundamental to man, and not something to aspire for. As individuals make up society, unless an individual is happy, society cannot be happy and if the society is unhappy, the world at large cannot be at peace and be happy. Water takes the form of the container it is present in. It is the water that quenches the thirst and not the vessel. Similarly, Avatars can come in any form, it is important to take the essence of what the avatar is here to offer, and derive the advantage of our proximity to the Avatar.” Swami concluded His discourse with a note on the new year saying, “The new year has started and the year that has gone by, is behind us. One should think about what lessons were learnt during this time, and be a new person this year. Therefore be happy and be new this year!”

Addressing the hosts for the evening, Sri Hiro and Smt Neelam Bhojwani, Swami said that He was visiting their house first in this new year. He said that it was in response to their prayerful invitation, that He had come as soon as the group accompanying Swami had landed in Singapore! The Loving Lord then enquired about each family member.

A sumptuous meal awaited all, and everyone had the great fortune of dining with Swami! After dinner the Bhojwani family was blessed with an interview. Bhagawan then blessed everyone including the house staff with prasadam, and the blissful evening came to an end after arathi.