Divine Visit – Singapore & Malaysia – Day Two – 05 January, 2016 (Morning)

Day two of the Singapore leg of Swami’s first overseas travel in 2016 started with a satsang in the house of Dr Ganesan Naidu and his devout wife, Smt Suganthi. The house was abuzz with people, from family members to other invited guests, all busy with preparations, ensuring the already elegant home gets transformed into a perfect place, fit to receive God!

When the call was received that Swami had departed Dr Ravi Pillay’s residence, bhajans led by the mellifluous voice of Sri Sumeet Tappoo commenced. As the mood set, others among the Singapore devotees joined to lead the high-tempo bhajans. As Swami’s car pulled into the portico of the Ganesans, the family was ready in eager earnestness to receive the Lord, yet again at their residence, on this very special day.

As Swami walked into the house, He was welcomed by group songs sung in perfect unison by the devotees, whose soulful group singing has gained considerable repute even in Muddenahalli. As the Lord sat down, the group began singing their most loved rendition ‘We will follow you..!’

Swami, referring to the last song said one should practice what one says, ‘Follow the master, face the devil, fight till the end, and finish the game’. So following the master is the first step. Turning to Sri C Sreenivas, Swami asked him to address the audience.

Sri Sreenivas began his talk by saying, the love in the room was absolutely palpable in Swami’s presence. “God’s love is so straight – directly from Him, heads into our hearts, and then abounds our life forming the foundation of our lives. This makes us see the Lord in everything, and everyone around. The devotees from Singapore is testimony of how this love has manifested into service, and as Swami says, these are the two footprints, love and service, left behind by Him!”

Recounting what Swami had said the previous evening, he said, “When we wish everyone a ‘Happy New Year’, it means discovering the newness of oneself in every moment. The journey of discovering the newness will unfold in the many wonderful things that will come our way, in an ever-changing world around us.” He added that this is a new mantra, Swami has given us!

As always, Sri Sreenivas infused all gathered with much positivity and optimism as he said, “There is much good to come, and the most exciting times are awaiting us, when world peace will become a reality.” He continued by saying that the bond between the Singapore team and Swami is a promise of the future, and the harbinger of the hopes of the generation, to which he and Sri Narasimha Murthy belonged. He ended his talk saying, “Swami is defining our lives in His image!” He cautioned everyone not to underestimate the power and impact of what Swami is doing, and the levels at which He is working!

Bhagawan then blessed all gathered with His nectarine message. He stared by saying that Sri C Sreenivas has been with Him for a very very long time. From many, many births. “Just as a Director casts the same actors in different roles in different dramas, God brings with Him His people to play a part in His drama, every time he produces a new one. Likewise in different times in different ages as God comes as the Director of this Divine Drama, along with Him He brings His people to act. Those who act well, get the chance to do another role another time! But those who trouble the Director too much, have to go and sit as a part of the audience. Therefore, if you do exactly as per what the Director wants, then He is happy with you, and keeps you with Him all the time! He knows what the drama is all about. You might be doing a small role in one scene, and might not know how it fits in the larger part, but the Director knows the whole story.” We are all very fortunate to have God as our Director!

Bhagawan continued by saying, “Everything has been planned by me, everything has already been executed in my mind, just as the Director sees the entire drama in his mind. So I know who is going to play what part, till what time, in what way, everything has been decided already. So what is in your hands? It is to obey, carry out the command and do your part well! If you do your part well, you will get another chance to do it better. I tell Sreenivas, the reward for doing good work is more good work! When you get more good work, you should know that you have been appreciated! Nothing in this world moves without sacrifice. It is the fundamental basis of everything. Unless the sun burns itself out, it cannot give sustenance to the world. Everything in this world has been created to promote this kind of sacrifice. Therefore, this body that has been given to us is also for the sake of others. A body that looks good but has no sense of sacrifice is of no use, just like a boat that looks good on the banks, but is riddled with holes, and unable to help cross the river. The same applies to this body. True sacrifice is one that leads, and not follows. Our scriptures beautifully say, ‘Give with sincerity, do not give with insincerity. Give it in abundance; give without fear; give with humility; give it with the knowledge of the purpose for which it is given.’ This is the ideal way in which a sacrifice has to be made!

Postponing good things for tomorrow is not good. Every single person is important in My mission! No single person can do all that needs to be done, to make the world happy. But when everybody gets together, a lot more can be achieved. In the last four years, you have witnessed a lot that has happened and grown, not just the glory of Swami but your own glory as well. The devotion of the devotees of Swami, which had made so many things happen. When most of the world has been crying and moaning that they have lost their Master, here you are celebrating, and sharing the celebration with others who are in need. That is the right way of celebrating Swami’s presence! Sitting in Muddenahalli, I am always thinking of what I can do for My devotees in Singapore, who are all the time doing everything possible for Me! They do not think about themselves. I can assure you that all the good that you are doing, will come back to you in your times of need. Let your children be happy, let them lead a life of dharma and lead a divine life, and derive divine joy. Children who are born in a family that has faith in God, are truly blessed and will always be protected. I only came here to convey my abundant blessings to all of you for being a part of this great Mission. This is not a Mission of education or hospitals, but it is a mission of transformation.

However good a teacher may be, if the student is unwilling, the teacher cannot teach the child. Just like getting a good teacher is important, similarly, getting a good student is equally important. Hence, both the devotees and the Lord are important in this mission of transformation! Now, your work and your visits to Muddenahalli has inspired all our students who write to Me, and say how they would like to do more for Swami’s work in their own small way. This transformation is important for Me. Once the seeds are sown, over the years it becomes a strong tree with many fruits.”

Looking at a youth who was taking pictures with a camera, Swami said, “Just like the camera man, God is also taking pictures! You should always be ready. You do not know when He is clicking your picture. If you are happy all the time, anytime He clicks a photo, you will get a good picture. Be always happy. Whenever God calls, always be ready. Whatever the situation, always smile!

We are starting a new hospital in Delhi. The moment Indulal Shah heard about it, he came to Me asking what he could do for the hospital. When I ask him ‘what do you want?’, He asks me back what he can do for Me! Even now, he constantly asks me for more work, even as I tell him he has worked enough, and it is time for him to rest and relax. His response is, ‘rest will lead to rust’, and he does not want to rust, and constantly pleads to Swami for more work!

One person cannot do everything. When everyone joins together, much can be accomplished. Unity is very important. You Singapore devotees are already an example for the rest of the world that is looking up to you as examples of unity, purity and divinity! Stay as examples. In togetherness lies our redemption. A single drop that falls from the sky cannot reach the ocean. But when many drops come together, they form a stream. And as more drops join, the stream becomes a river, and a river can join the ocean. If there is a legacy you want to pass on to your children, pass this on to them! In every other worldly aspect, they will do better than you, but can they do better than you in their spiritual pursuit? If yes, then there is something to be proud of. If you want them to be happy in their lives, show them the path to God. That is your primary dharma. Later, children will take their parents to God, that is their Dharma. Everything else is secondary, everything else is only incidental!

You must practice more and more, to listen to Swami within you. He is within each one of you. You should sincerely be willing to listen to what He has to tell you. Don’t come with a fixed idea that you want to listen to this or that, or confirm this or that. Come! Come with an open mind with the question you want to ask, and wait for Swami to answer. Most people meditate to speak to Swami. Come to listen to Swami and not to speak to Swami, that is meditation. Sometimes, Swami may say something. Sometimes, He may not. You must just wait! You must practice this. Seva is one part but, sadhana is also important. Seva and sadhana alone can take you closer to God. Sometimes, you are so involved in Seva that you do not have time for God Himself. You must carve out time for sadhana. One has time for everything, but when it comes to meditation one says, ‘Oh, I have no time.’ All the time is given to you to be close to God. Any time spent in doing things that are not getting you close to God, is actually a waste of time.”

Swami ended His powerful Discourse signalling brother Sumeet, who sang the bhajan ‘Remind me my Lord who I am.’ The wonderful satsang came to an end, with Arathi and lunch prasadam for all gathered, before the Lord returned to the Pillay residence.