Divine Visit – Singapore & Malaysia – Day Three – 06 January, 2016

Wednesday, 06 January, 2016 – Malaysia

Swami’s entourage touched down at Kuala Lumpur around 9:30am to a warm welcome by the Malaysian devotees. They proceeded to the residence of Sri Ayavoo Arumugam and his devout wife Dr Vimala. Both have been ardent devotees of Swami since many decades, and well-known for their seva activities. The residence was yet again transformed into an abode fit for God!

The lunch was a typical Malaysian fare, served with the same love that reflected in every aspect of the Ayavoo residence. Sri Ayavoo, since a very young age, had taken upon the seva of teaching children from impoverished backgrounds. Swami’s love and grace has been in abundance with this blessed family!

After lunch, the group rested for a while before heading to the evening satsang organised at ‘Sai Ananda’. Over 400-450 devotees were eagerly waiting for Swami’s arrival in the beautifully decorated prayer hall. The main hall was already overflowing, and many devotees had to be accommodated in the ground floor lobby, where a giant projector screen had been thoughtfully setup.

As Swami’s car arrived, a traditional dance procession escorted Him. The colourful costumes, enthusiasm and joy of the little children, promised a blissful evening in the company of the Lord and His dear devotees!

Sri Ayavoo welcomed all gathered and prayerfully offered his gratitude to Bhagawan, for blessing the devotees of Malaysia with His visit, yet again within a short span of four months. Swami was seated in a jhoola, which was gently swinging, as if it echoed the excited hearts of all those assembled! The beautifully decorated altar in the hall, gave the ambience a festive feel.

Sri C Sreenivas was the first speaker for the evening, and his talk was certainly an ode to ‘Sai Ananda’! He said every aspect of the ‘Sai Ananda’ building spoke the language of love and service, which touched one deeply. He acknowledged the wonderful work done by Sri Ayavoo and his wife Dr Vimala, who have been instrumental in building the ‘Sai Ananda’ mandir, and are the backbone of the Seva activities undertaken. He concluded by saying, “One cannot see better examples of the manifestation of the Lord’s love.”

Sri BN Narasimha Murthy, the next speaker, picked up from where Sri C Sreenivas had ended. He quoted Sri Atal Bihari Vajpaye, when he had visited Prasanthi Nilayam to inaugurate the Super Speciality Hospital, during his tenure as the honourable Prime Minister of India.
He had said ‘This is a temple of healing, and a temple of divine grace!’ Applying the same attributes to ‘Sai Ananda’, Sri Narasimha Murthy said that the place was a temple of divine grace and healing as well!

He narrated an experience of an instance when Swami had visited his room in Muddenahalli. On seeing the stacks of books on the shelves, Swami had asked him what had he learnt after reading all those books. Sri Narasimha Murthy said he had learnt two things – the first was ‘Daiva Preeti’ – Swami is omnipresent, so he should love and feel His presence always, and celebrate having recognised this fact. The second was ‘Jeeva Karunya’, that he should treat every being he encounters, with love and compassion. Swami acknowledged that this was correct, and the right understanding of the essence of all knowledge! He ended his talk by asking the question – ‘How does one get God?’ Answering the question by quoting from the Upanishads, he said, ‘God chooses you, when you choose God to the exclusion of everything else!’

Bhagawan blessed everyone with His Divine message thereafter. He said, “That devotee is dear to me, who does not hate or ridicule anyone. He does not have contempt for anyone. On the other hand, he has love and compassion for all. He has gotten rid of his ego and attachment, maintained his equanimity in both happiness and sorrow. He is content with himself, and has a firm, and steady mind. He has offered his mind, and intellect to me completely!

When one listens to the list of qualities, one may be nervous as to how one can imbibe all these. But,  there is one quality, and with this, all the good qualities and good values will automatically follow. That one quality is – Love for God! It is the basis for all good qualities and values.
When we truly love God, we love everyone. Merely theoretical knowledge of the idea of loving all is no good. It has to be practiced, and this can only be done when love is translated into service.

This Center has transformed itself into a sacred temple, where love in service is being practiced. Love without service is only attachment, and service without love is no service! Also, service done due to ‘Force’ and not due to ‘Source’ does not lead to transformation. Only selfless love can lead to transformation. And this can be done only when we know that the God whom we love, resides in others.

Earlier when Swami was in His physical form, one could serve Him by giving coffee, food etc. But now, when Swami does not have the physical form, how does one serve Him? By serving everyone!

Education and health are the left and right hands, and ‘Sai Ananda’ is doing both of these. As the new ashram comes up (in Kuching), children from here can continue their studies there, and live in a wholesome environment amidst nature. Similarly, they can avail the healthcare facilities at the ashram in case of serious illness.

How does God take care of the destitute and look after them? Through you! Where there is faith and devotion, anything is possible. There should be an orphanage for children and an old age home side-by-side. The old people will help take care of the children and the children will help take care of the elderly. All this is going to happen here!”

Children and youth of the ‘Sai Ananda’ center staged a variety of cultural programme, after the nectarine discourse. A Bharathnatyam dance was offered at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan, which was followed by a ‘Dance of Unity’ by the ‘Sai Ananda’  Bal Vikas and Youth Vikas students. It was a very colourful and well-synchronized performance, which impressed and inspired everyone present.

A video presentation was next in order, where the ‘Sai Ananda’ youth boys, on Swami’s guidance, showcased all the Seva activities undertaken by the local Seva teams. It was indeed inspiring and motivating!
A skit by the ‘Sai Ananda’ youth boys showcased the quality of service, and how it was a quality dear to God, through a mythological play.
The blissful evening came to an end with Mangala Arathi and prasadam