Sri Lanka Visit – Day 1 – December 11, 2015

The Lord’s second visit to Sri Lanka within a mere span of six months, was indeed going to be memorable, blissful and of course, purposeful. The entourage arrived from Bangalore by the evening flight, and were driven from the Bandarnaike International Airport in Columbo to the residence of Sri Ravi and Smt Penny Jayewardene at Piliyandala. Swami had promised his father, former President of Sri Lanka, late Sri J R Jayewardene, not once, but thrice, that He would visit and stay with the family in Sri Lanka. With God, promises are meant to be fulfilled! After a brief conversation with both, Swami retired for the night.

Friday, December 11, 2015
Bhagawan began the morning early, with a few private interviews to the Jayewardene family,and other dignitaries who had lovingly gathered to welcome Lord Rama back to His Lanka! He blessed the dignitaries, but did not forget to shower His immense love on the house help of the Jayewardenes. Rani ma has been with the household for the last few years, assisting in every aspect of the house, from cooking to cleaning. It was her birthday and she cut a cake in the Divine presence. The omniscient Lord revealed about her innermost desires and her war-torn childhood! She has been in a state of bliss, since then!

The nine-hour journey from Piliyandala to Batticaloa, with a couple of pit stops in between was going to be tiresome. But, nothing deterred the spirit of the entourage who left the Jayewardene residence at 9:30am, as everyone were eagerly looking forward to the Lord’s visit, to a war battered area of Sri Lanka. Every individual was certain that as soon as the Lord would set foot on this part of the country, especially on the land where the ashram construction will commence soon, all will be well!

Batticaloa, in the eastern side of the island, is recovering from a civil war that lasted for 30 years, until 2009. Thereafter, it created a vacuum in people placement, and life returned very slowly to normalcy. Even today, there are over 30,000 war widows with little or no means to support themselves. Truly, what a master plan by the Divine mother and father, to have chosen this place for the ashram!

The entourage reached Batticaloa, a little before 7:30am, at Hotel Riviera. Sri Lanka, is a country blessed with nature’s bounty and the drive was indeed beautiful, through mountains and forests, washed by the fresh rains. Bhagawan, who had said He would arrive by the ‘skyline’, was promptly waiting for the retinue. He was lovingly received by the devotees of Batticaloa with the traditional Purnakhumba and flowers. Swami ushered them into the hall, which was kept ready for the gathering. He spoke to the them briefly and said, “Every Avatar incarnates for four reasons – ‘Shista Rakshana’ (protecting the good), ‘Dushta Sikshana’ (correcting the wicked), ‘Dharma Poshana’ (uplifting righteousness) and ‘Sathya Bodhana’ (to preach truth). Shista Rakshana’ and ‘Dushta Sikshana’ are completed in the Rama avatar. As the Sai Rama avatar, I have come for Dharma Poshana’ and ‘Sathya Bodhana’, to teach the truth of oneness, unity and divinity.” The divine message was translated into Tamil, for the benefit of all gathered. Swami looked out for another scribe, who could translate in a more meaningful way, and asked the priest who had welcomed Swami ceremoniously, whereabouts of his son. The priest informed Him that the son will arrive next morning. Little did anyone realise that the son was going to translate Bhagawan’s discourse the next morning! Interestingly, this boy had received a transfer of job to Batticaloa and Saturday, December 12, 2015 was going to be his first day. What a wonderful way to start a new inning of his life, by being Bhagawan’s translator!

After arathi, Bhagawan urged everyone to rest and arrive at the site before Rahukalam, the next morning. He then called for the youth leader of Sri Lanka, who is also actively engaged in the ashram work and blessed him by saying, “You do my work, I will do yours.”